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Articles on SEO tips and tricks and the various ways of optimizing your website with white hat SEO practices.

3 SEO Misconceptions Explained

Search engine optimization or ‘SEO’ as it is known abbreviated is a big talking point online because it is a huge factor which determines how much traffic every website on the entire internet gets. Therefore, a big deal is made about it with ways of how to improve your website’s SEO, your article’s SEO and so on so you can rank higher ...

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3 Ways To Increase Your Website’s Ranking on Google

The biggest traffic source for the majority of websites out there is from search engines and it is great for so many reasons. You don’t have to pay for it, it is consistent and brings in extremely contextual traffic to your website. For this reason, people are always trying to find new ways of increaing their website’s rank for the ...

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SEO Explained In Laymans Terms

For those that are starting up websites and becoming first time bloggers, the idea of SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ can seem quite daunting idea to get around for the first time. For that matter, I remember when I created my first website and it took me months to figure out what SEO actually was, even with the backing of ...

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16 ‘Do It Yourself’ SEO Tips To Use

Sometimes, when I go online, I will search for something and click straight off an article just because it is in paragraphs without headings. I know that a lot of people want the information quickly and in a way easily readable. Therefore, when it came to writing this article, I thought I would do the search engine optimisation tips in bullet ...

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PPC vs SEO Using A Decision Matrix

This is the big fight. When it comes to gaining traffic online, most people tend to go for one of two options: search engine optimisation by improving the organic ranking of websites or pay per click advertising by paying for each click an advert gets on search results. Both have their pros and cons so here is a comparison of ...

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4 Ways To Fail In SEO

Sometimes on the internet, it is not the tips you want to know but the instead the tips that prevent you from failing and not succeeding at the area you are looking at. Already, I have highlighted 4 SEO tips anyone can use. In this article, I highlight some of the reasons which causes poor visibility organically so that you can ...

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4 SEO Tips Anyone Can Use

Sometimes on the internet, all you want are tips. Tips are great because they encourage easy reading which everyone loves doing on the internet. With SEO (search engine optimisation) becoming ever more important because of search engine updates such as Google Panda and Penguin, it is vital that bloggers know how to effectively use SEO to boost their organic ranking. For this ...

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How To Create A SEO-Friendly Article Easy

In essence, this is the million dollar question that has, most likely, been searched millions of times too. Creating content to go out on the internet that is SEO-friendly is a vital element that will help to determine how much traffic that article will get organically. For this reason, I feel it is important to outline a few key elements ...

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Finding the Right Keywords for SEO


Finding the right keywords for SEO is not always easy. Keyword research is without a doubt the most tedious part of the SEO process, but it’s one of the most important steps. There are many ways to find keywords for your site that are not only easy to rank for, but drive traffic and increase conversions as well. Brainstorm One ...

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