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4 Ways To Fail In SEO


Sometimes on the internet, it is not the tips you want to know but the instead the tips that prevent you from failing and not succeeding at the area you are looking at. Already, I have highlighted 4 SEO tips anyone can use. In this article, I highlight some of the reasons which causes poor visibility organically so that you can compare these failures to what you are doing with SEO to see if you are doing, or have, the same things (and from there can look to improve it). Here are four ways people fail at SEO.



Poor Website Design

If your website design is poor and basic, it will not do any good for the visitors that do come your website since they will most likely exit after visiting. A poor website design also has the ability to affect your SEO ranking. More complex website designs tend to be well SEO’ed since they include elements such as meta tags, keywords and more. If your website does not have this in their template, it will not help with ranking high on search engines.



Duplicating Content

Duplicating content is, by far, the worst thing a blogger or website owner can do. By duplicating, I mean copying word for word or even trying to put an article already online into your own words. Google’s algorithms are very sharp on the money nowadays that even if you copy certain aspects of one article with another and another and another, Google will be able to tell and Google does not play nicely with duplicating content websites.

Duplicating content is not worth the risk of ruining your whole website.

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Linking Excessively to Bad Websites

We all know that the organic ranking of a website can be improved by getting your website linked to other websites. This is because if your website is linked to another website, it is basically telling Google that your website is trusted to have good content and is valued upon by other websites (therefore, Google should do the same). The only problem is that many bloggers and website owners think if they get their website linked to many many websites, that is a good thing. This is true only if the website that is linking to you is ranked highly by Google and trusted. If the websites that are linking to you appear to be bad quality, new, spammy or anything of the sort, Google’s Penguin update will be able to tell.



Slow Loading Times

It is normal to say that if your website takes longer than 4 seconds to load, you have most likely already lost the web user’s attention span. As well as being bad for your visitors, a slow loading time means your website will take longer for Google to crawl it. If it takes longer for Google to process the content, there is a chance that your organic ranking will reduce to the fact Google missed some content resulting in poor SEO.

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