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4 Tips To Write a Blog Post Title That Gets Clicks

Writing the most amazing content in the world will only get you so far online. A lot of the SEO effort, as Image result for post titlewell as getting the web user’s attention, comes in the title of a blog post. An effective blog post title has the potential to get the web user’s attention, as well as work towards pushing the blog post up search engine results page (SERP). With this, here are four tips to writing a blog post title that will encourage web users to click onto it and increase the post’s ranking.



Use Numbers

Numbers are an extremely good way of making a blog post title more clickable. For example, ‘How to Get Your Blog Posts Ranked on Google’ is not as appealing as ’99 Ways to Get Your Blog Posts Ranked #1 on Google’. Numbers make it possible for articles to become quantifiable, whether that is how much help they can provide or to tell the web user how long it is going to take them to read the content.



Stay Accurate to Blog Post Content

An extremely important point to a blog post title is that it should never lie about what the content is about. The blog post title should link directly to the content, so that the expectations of the web user are met when they click onto the link to the content.

If you try to oversell your content, then what you will find is that your blog posts gain a high exit and bounce rate, from the web users clicking off from a lack of clarity between the title and content.



Shorter the Better

Google automatically puts a limit as to how long titles can appear in SERPs. Of course, you should never exceed such a limit, since this will cause the end of the title to appear as ‘…’, causing the title to potentially not make sense in SERP.

Even with this limit, it is recommendable to keep your post title as short as possible. As well as looking more attractive in SERP, keeping it concise will help to give an impression that your content will be concise too, which the majority of web users like.

As a general rule of thumb, a title between 8-12 words is around the sweet point for clicks and social shares. Any shorter than this and it is likely the title won’t be accurate to the content.



Add 1-2 Keywords

The title is important to the SEO efforts of your article. For this reason, you should look to include around 1-2 of the main keywords from your content into it. From doing this, the SEO of the article towards such keywords will naturally increase, helping for your article to rank higher on SERP. A higher ranked article will then have more chances to be clicked onto by the web user.

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