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About Us

Tweaks_for_Geeks_logoHello and welcome to Tweaks for Geeks!

First of all, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We know there are literally thousands of websites out there that generally cover the same topics, so we are truly honored that you clicked ours.

They say nowadays it’s important to have an “About us” page on a website so we at Tweaks for Geeks realized an introduction was in order to tell you a little about this website and what we hope to be able to offer you.

Tweaks for Geeks was born in 2004 when the internet was still fairly young.  We realized the world wide web was a spectacular universe and added a whole new dimension to our ability to learn and explore.  But there was only one way to get there and that was through computers.  Since we knew a little bit about computers, we decided to carve our niche online in computer repair.  After all, computers are expensive and have a short shelf life.  We think everyone agrees that the longer we can have a functioning computer the better it is financially!

Repairing a computer can be a tedious, and time consuming task. It can take even longer if you don’t know what to do about the problem you have. Computer repair is not always as hard as it may initially seem, as long as you have good information.

TweaksForGeeks.com was originally created to help you out with all of your computer repair needs. We’ve have created numerous articles and tutorials on all sorts of computer problems. From internet issues to hardware defects, we tried to cover it all.

If you have surfed around our site a bit you can see we were pretty successful – especially when reading our comments.  We saved people from a lot of headaches and saved them some pretty pocket change as well.  Computer issues can be a pretty expensive experience, and we believe an easy to read DIY approach is the best and cheapest way to get your machine up and running again.

Our website has morphed a little since 2004 and now has expanded into other areas.  Operating systems and technology seem to become obsolete as soon as they hit the shelves and we really do not have the manpower or the time to provide tips, tutorials and repair instructions to all the possible issues involved with computers and the multitude of operating systems involved.

We have now shifted focus to the other side of the industry – the world wide web.  Being a webmaster today takes more than just having a bright idea.  Now you have to be able to provide quality content, promote your blog on social mediums, understand and implement search engine optimization, learn to make quality videos and become knowledgable on internet marketing.  This is the only way to get your website noticed.  A new website has to compete with a lot of older sites with a huge web footprint.  So learning these subjects is imperative.

This is where we come in.  We help webmasters promote their websites.  We show you tips and tricks to get your website noticed, to get your product sold and to encourage visitors to come back for more.

We know some of you hate change and may not like our new shift in focus.  But I hope you support us and maybe in time you will see some value in what we can provide that webmaster with the bright, new idea.

Our older articles are still available and will not be deleted.  You can find them here.

We want to thank you again for visiting Tweaks for Geeks and we hope you enjoy our new direction.

All our best,

Tweaks for Geeks staff