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Understanding the Terms in Google Webmasters Search Console

As a first time website creator, it can be quite daunting trying to understanding all of the terminology Image result for google search consolethere is associated to websites and search engine optimization (SEO). One website that is extremely valuable to a website owner is Google’s Webmasters Search Console – this is a website which allows you to look into all of the statistics of your website that are associated with Google’s search engine. However, without knowing what each of the terms means, it can be quite useless. For this reason, here are the main terms explained that you will find in Google Webmasters Search Console.



Google Webmasters Search Console Terms Explained

Accelerated mobile pages, or ‘AMP’, is the term given to pages that are accelerated for mobile and can be loaded instantly from anywhere. AMP greatly reduce the load time for mobile pages.

Crawl errors are the errors which Google encounter when it uses its robots to sift through your content to index it into the search engine.

CTR is an abbreviation for Click Through Rate. It is the percentage of web users that click onto your search results in Google upon viewing it in search results.

Position refers to the position of your search result, on average (since organic position depends on many factors), for your content pages/posts.

Rich cards are structured data, in the form of boxes, from websites, that display information directly n Google search results, in response to the query searched. This can include lists, recipes, clear answers and more.

The Robots.txt file is a file that a website has to tell robots crawling through websites how to crawl through the specific website. Google Webmasters search console allows you to fetch as a robot to make sure the robots.txt file works and can be read properly.

Sitemaps are an .xml file that a website has to clearly display to search engines every page that is on the website, along with a weighting as to how important the page is. It can usually be accessed by typing ‘/sitemap.xml’ additionally to the home address URL. Google displays any errors and warnings associated with the sitemap, such as not being able to see links on the sitemap loading or changes in how many pages are indexed.

Soft 404 error is the term given to a page that cannot be found or is missing, whilst there is no official 404 server status code to make clear that the page cannot be found or missing. When soft 404 errors appear, it is a good idea to make sure they return 404 errors.

The Queries listed illustrate what web users are searching, using Google, to find a organic result to click onto your website. Next to the query displays how many clicks the query gets, within the given time frame.

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