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4 SEO Tips Anyone Can Use


Sometimes on the internet, all you want are tips. Tips are great because they encourage easy reading which everyone loves doing on the internet. With SEO (search engine optimisation) becoming ever more important because of search engine updates such as Google Panda and Penguin, it is vital that bloggers know how to effectively use SEO to boost their organic ranking. For this reason, here are four SEO tips anyone with a website can use.



Tip #1 Include Keywords Pretty Much Everywhere

The keywords of an article help search engines determine what your article is about. The more keywords that are related to a single topic, the more Google will understand what your article is about and, in turn, rank it higher on result pages.

At minimum, you should try and include 1-2 keywords in your title, 5-10 in your description and scatter them evenly throughout your content. As well as this, it is important to include keywords in the caption and names of any images you use in your articles so they are well optimised for image search engines.



Tip #2 Page Time Matters in SEO

One area that many people do not recognise will affect their ranking is the page’s load time. the fact is that yes, it will affect your organic ranking. Therefore, try and clean the HTML of your website up as much as possible, removing any wasted coding where ever possible. As well as this, question the JavaScript you use on your website if it is worth having on it. The faster your page loads, the better. This will take a lot of time. But, the results will be worth the hassle.

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Tip #3 Link to Useful Webpages

It might seem bad to link to other external sources. However, the truth is that it can actually help you too. By linking to external pages that are closely related to yours will help your website because if a web user clicks onto that link, in theory, you are giving a ‘vote’ to that website (in search engine speak) – it will tell the search engine that your website is a trusted source on that topic: enough for the traffic to click onto the external link.

As well as this, always make sure to link to other articles on your website. Although this is not always possible, I always try my best to link to two related articles in every one of my posts since this will help get articles cross linked to each other which is always beneficial in SEO.



Tip #4 Try To Post Articles Continually Consistently

Some websites will rank high with content that is static. However, the majority will rank high because they are pumping out high quality content all of the time. Therefore, always try to make sure your website it up to date and frequently posting new content for the online world to see. This helps make clear to search engines that your website is still active and attracting a wider and larger audience with every article published.

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