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4 Blogging Tips Anyone Can Use


After creating an article highlighting four SEO tips anyone can use, I thought it would only be fair to do the same for blogging. The problem with blogging tips on the internet is that just about every website will have them. It is all okay claiming they are blogging tips…only if they really work. From creating a couple of successful websites and from learning from my complete and absolute failures, here are four tips bloggers can make note of that, from my experience, do work.



Tip #1 Do Not EVER Copy

The first rule to blogging is to never copy content from another website. As well as this being plagiarism and frowned upon, this will also affect how successful your website is. Google has already indexed the content. Therefore, if they find your website with the same content, they will punish you. I did have a website in my earliest of years that took the content of one website and reworded it. I thought I was being clever but, in essence, I got punished badly (traffic completely stopped). Therefore, just save yourself the pain and make sure any content is unique and not copied.



Tip #2 Pay For A Premium Theme

Trust me when I say this will save you a lot of time. When I first start websites, I tend to spend around 70% of my time finding and looking for free templates/themes for my website which I then want to customize upon making it the theme of my website (when I should be concentrating on content). But, then, I get bored of it and want to change it and this continually keeps happening until I am happy. On my first ‘proper’ website,,  it took me nearly 2 years to come up with the theme on it.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that if you are going to start any website, just pay someone else to do it. Yes, this may cost $100 or so. But, the amount of time you will have saved twiddling your thumbs trying to improve your template will make up for it plus more.

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Tip #3 – Consistency will Build an Audience

If you want to build an audience with your website, the key is to posting consistently. This is because if the traffic that enters onto your website  finds out you post new articles on, lets say, Tuesdays and Fridays, they are more likely to visit back to your website on these days in order to read the new article. The more consistent you are, the more this will happen.



Tip #4 – You will Receive Criticism

An important part to being a successful blogger is to not ‘throw your dummies out of the pram’ when someone critics your content. Instead, understand why they said that and take it on board the next time you write an article. For example, if somebody posted a horrible comment about how your article bored them to death, yes this will be hard to take. But, look at it on the bright side. They gave you feedback that the article was struggling to keep the reader’s attention. Therefore, next time you write an article, you can use more headings, more bullet points and more images to break up the content so it is much easier to read.

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