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Understanding Why Your Website’s Traffic Has Dropped


There is no worse feeling than waking up on a beautiful morning to quickly check how your website is doing to look at the horror that your website’s traffic has completely dropped and diminished to nothing (or a lot less than it was before). There are many reasons why a website might lose traffic or have it suddenly drop. For some cases, it may only be temporary so learning about the characteristics of your website and knowing why your traffic is dropping will help you relax a bit and possible find a solution to the problem.



Guest Posts

Google’s search engine updates have caused websites to suffer because of guest posts. This includes:

  • Guest posting on other websites and including a do follow link at the end of the article.
  • Letting others guest post on your website to then find out the content was copied from another source on the internet.

The second point is crucially quite important. I had a website in the past that was growing exponentially and then suddenly stopped because one of the guest posts on the website was completely copied content (which Google obviously will not like). If ever you received guest posts from other bloggers, make sure you check to see if it has been copied from another source on the internet first before doing anything with it.



Algorithm Updates

As I have mentioned above, many of Google’s search engine updates tend to cause a few websites here and there to suddenly drop in traffic. This is usually because Google’s update deems the content and articles on the website to be not as high quality, causing their organic ranking to drop. In these situations, there is not much you can do other than start a fresh and pump out high quality content. Google will not hinder a healthy and quality website but it will hinder those that do not help web users that use Google’s search engine.


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Website Hacking

If your website is doing pretty well and on the rise, you might find that some of your competitors will not like that. Therefore, they might try to hack your website. This could be from clicking on your adverts to get you banned from Adsense to using software to overload your website with traffic so that your website completely malfunctions to the point the servers cannot handle the load and give up. It might be rare but it does happen to websites out there.



In essence, if there is anything to learn from this article, traffic does not drop for no reason. There will be a logical reason for every traffic drop if you like it or not. The best way to make sure you do not have any traffic drops is to make sure your content is of the best quality so that web users will find it extremely helpful to what they searched for.

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