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Microsoft Introduces New PC Manager Tool – A Deeper Look

Image Source: Volodymyr Kyrylyuk / Shutterstock

Microsoft PC Manager is a fresh beta tool from Microsoft that boasts features like one-click speed boosts, comprehensive system check-ups, and virus removal. If this sounds reminiscent of apps like CCleaner or performance-enhancing tools that may not always deliver on their promises, you’re on the right track.

On a downside, PC Manager is currently only accessible through a Microsoft website solely in Chinese. Although the app itself displays in English, it is uncertain if it supports languages other than Chinese and English. Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement about this yet.

While most web browsers support translations, you can also kick off the 5-megabyte app download by clicking the first button on the page. The application has been verified clean on Virustotal, with just one grayware hit from CrowdStrike Falcon.

Exploring Microsoft PC Manager Features

Upon startup, PC Manager presents system information and various options. It covers details like memory usage, temporary files, available storage, last startup time, and running process count. You can click on links to access the boost feature, security tab, health check, storage management, process management, and startup apps.

In the Settings section, you can configure PC Manager to run at system start and auto-update, with options to disable these features if preferred.

The Boost feature temporarily reduces memory usage and cleans up temporary files, while Health Check performs a basic scan to provide cleanup recommendations. Storage Management resembles Windows disk cleanup tools, offering options for full cleanup scans, managing large files, and configuring Storage Sense in the Settings app.

There’s also a Deep Cleanup function that suggests clearing various caches and locations to free up space, along with Process Management to view and terminate user-run processes.

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The Security tab includes options for running scans, checking Windows updates, and browser protection. Browser Protection suggests Edge as the default browser but acknowledges other installed browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

The security scan covers browser extensions, startup apps, key system locations, and hardware drivers to enhance system security.

Final Thoughts

Is Microsoft’s PC Manager a valuable tool for Windows users? While it aligns with some questionable practices, such as promoting Edge as the default browser, it also offers features like system security scans and quick memory cleanup.

Although it shows promise, many Windows users may opt for built-in tools or more advanced third-party applications like Autoruns for managing startup items. Given that PC Manager is in beta, users might consider waiting for its official release and endorsement by Microsoft.

Image Source: Volodymyr Kyrylyuk / Shutterstock

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