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Windows 7 Starts in Safe Mode

A desktop computer running Windows 7 32bit I started up recently immediately went into safe mode. I shut it back down and rebooted only to have it go right back into safe mode, with no warning or error messages. After doing a bit of research, I found a couple potential issues and reasons why this […]

Backdoor Open on Popular Routers

Recently, it has been reported that there are backdoors in most routers in use by home and businesses, such as Linksys and D-Link brands. You can read the details here if you are interested. It basically says that port 32764 can be used by agencies to listen into your Internet traffic. Normally, this port is […]

Windows XP won’t get IP address – DHCP not working

Daniel C. – I’m having trouble getting my computer connected to the internet. I’ve tried to connect with multiple adapters and different cords to no avail. When I plug the cord into the adapter (or enable the network interface card) XP just sits there and tries to get an IP address until I stop it. […]

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop

So I am looking for a new computer for gaming primarily and it seems that most computers being sold these days are laptops and tablets. Tablets are fine for casual apps, but not so good for Call of Duty, I guess my choice is to see what kind of laptop I can get for my […]

nVidia HDMI Audio Out Not Working

Generally speaking, nVidia doesn’t have many issues regarding its drivers. Despite their excellent track record, however, they are not perfect. An issue I ran into recently was the HDMI audio output not working on a GeForce 9200M GPU [105M chipset] being output to an older Philips TV. This is apparently a common compatibility issue with […]

ASUS Transformer TF101 RMA Process – A Story of Incompetence

Alrighty folks, as most of you know, I’m pretty easy going. I don’t tend to get on here and rant about a bad experience because I realize that unfortunate things happen and I just tend to roll with it. This is precisely what I did when my brand-new ASUS Transformer TF101 I received as a gift (which […]

Linux Mint

I have tried various linux distributions since 1999. My latest favorite is Linux Mint. Linux Mint focuses on usability, not unlike Ubuntu – which it is based on. They share the same codebase and overall software selection. What sets Linux Mint apart, is it’s elegant, well thought-out interface. While ubuntu once had – what I […]

Windows 7 Hosts File Ignored

Windows 7 has easily been the best version of the operating system to date, by far. While Vista came with plenty of quirks, Microsoft seems to have learned from the mistakes made and corrected many of them for their release of 7. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and the odd quirk where Windows 7 ignores its […]