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Google Strives to Combat Adblockers on YouTube

Image Source: Alex Yeung/Shutterstock

Google has recently declared its increased efforts to combat adblockers on YouTube, as revealed on the official YouTube support website.

The signs were evident as early as 2023 when changes on YouTube aimed at thwarting adblock users began to surface. Users utilizing adblockers started encountering anti-adblocking messages, and Google conducted various tests on YouTube to tackle adblocking practices.

In November 2023, Google officially announced its crackdown on adblockers, providing affected users with two options: disable the adblocker on YouTube or opt for YouTube Premium.

Additionally, new methods to enhance the ad-viewing experience were identified, including extensions that allow users to skip or fast forward through ads, which started appearing in extension stores.

Google’s battle against adblockers extended beyond browsers to also include YouTube frontends like Invidious and third-party YouTube applications. In the past, Google has achieved some success in this arena, leading to the discontinuation of YouTube Vanced in 2022.

Google’s Efforts Against Third-Party Apps

The latest announcement by Google highlights the company’s focus on third-party apps that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, particularly those with ad-blocking features. While no specific apps were mentioned, Google had recently targeted Invidious.

Google cautions users of these apps that their experience could deteriorate soon by encountering issues like buffering or error messages stating that certain content is unavailable on the app when trying to watch videos.

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According to YouTube’s terms, apps are prohibited from disabling ads, as doing so hinders creators from receiving compensation for their content. It’s worth noting that Google retains a significant portion of the revenue as the platform maintainer.

Google recommends that YouTube users who wish to avoid ads consider subscribing to YouTube Premium.

The company pledges to take necessary measures against any third-party apps found in violation of YouTube’s terms.

Image Source: Alex Yeung/Shutterstock

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