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What Every Successful Website Has In Common


There are many factors that will depend how successful a website it. Firstly, how do you define the success of a website? Is it through its traffic/month or how much it makes per month if it is based around affiliation? The thing is that thousands, if not millions, of people log onto their computers every week to find the answer to this article’s title and they feel, from knowing this, they can then make a successful website to profit from. 

Before we get into the main reason what causes a website to be successful, there are a few minor factors that can help a website progress to success:

  • Stay niche – A website that always talks about the same niche topic will do much better organically than a website that talks about random subjects because it enables Google and other search engines to categorise the website better.
  • Limit advertising – You should always put content first before advertising. But, I still see many websites literally littered with pop ups and adverts to make money. This might make you money. However, you are going to annoy quite a lot of people in doing this as well (which can have negative consequences to your website).
  • Use social media – No matter what your website’s content is about, you should always always use social media to publicise it. You might think this will seem quite a lot of effort. However, there are many automated social media plugins that tweet and share your article as soon as its published. So, you would be mad not to use it.


These are all factors that will depend how successful a website can potentially be. But, by far the biggest factor that will affect how successful a website will be is you.

One of my friends said something true the other day. He said that if anyone dedicated 15 hours a day every day for the next year towards something, they will be a millionaire within a year. This point applies to blogging. The biggest factor that will affect how successful a website is how much work you are willing to put into the website to begin with. If you have a sudden urge for 2 months and then do nothing for 10, you should not be surprised to find that your website is ‘okay’ but not amazing. Somebody that regularly posts to a niche website every week for a year will find themselves with a little gold treasure chest after a year (being their website).


I know it is not the answer most people reading this article wanted, but it is the truth. There are no short cuts in blogging. Everything takes time, effort and, potentially, money. For this reason, if you are wanting to make a successful website, make sure you are committed to it for the foreseeable future!

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