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Internet Marketing

Top 4 Best Forms of Internet Marketing


It is the million dollar question – how to get traffic to a website. It is what has made some people millions on the internet while causing others to go insane. Finding traffic sources on the internet without paying can sometimes be hard. However, fear not because paid sources of traffic are popular for many million of people on the internet. For this reason, if you want to pay to gain traffic to a specific web page, here are the top 4 forms of internet marketing.



This is really a no brainer. Pay per click advertising, in particularly Google AdWords and Adsense, is used by millions worldwide – this is no coincidence or fluke. PPC is used by so many because it is a simple form of marketing which evolves around the idea you only ‘pay per click’ on your advert. It is cost efficient when done right.

That is an important point: when done right. If you make an error in a PPC campaign, you will feel the error in your wallet.




A serious rival to PPC, search engine optimisation is the process which causes a website’s ranking to improve on organic search results. As well as being a free form of marketing the majority of the time (that is when you do not pay someone to do the SEO instead of you), the results are long term and can work just as effectively as PPC.

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However, it takes time for the results of SEO to come rolling in. For most people, they will want to market something immediately. In these cases, SEO is not the best bet for that but more for something with a long term marketing strategy.



Social Media

I could tell you so many impressive statistics about social media such as the number of people that use them, how often they use them and more. Social media has become a gold mine for advertisers to market to. This is because social media is used by just about everyone more than once a day.

However, social media marketing is hard to master since the way you market in social media can vary so much across platforms. Therefore, background research needs to take place before you dive head first into social media marketing.



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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ‘go to’ place for marketing online (for some advertisers) because of the benefits it brings. It is quick and easy, helps to increase brand awareness and build a relationship with an audience.

However, it can be difficult to get web users to engage with email marketing (especially with Gmail now placing email marketing in a separate folder named ‘Promotions’). As well as this, it is also time consuming to make the email in the first place and your reputation might suffer.

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