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The Pros and Cons To Using WordPress


When it comes to making a website, there are two market leaders most bloggers will go for: Blogger or WordPress. Already, I have looked into the main pros and cons to Google’s platform Blogger and now it is time to look at the main benefits and drawbacks to WordPress.



Open Source – One of the main reasons people love WordPress is because it is an open source platform. This means that the possibilities of what you can do with the platform and your website are endless. For website owners that require serious customization and integration of complicated HTML coding, this is the platform to go for.

Huge Community – Another great aspect to WordPress is the fact that so many websites use the platform. This means there is a large market for support with the platform, such as themes and plugins that integrate with WordPress as well as many websites to help you with using the platform.

SEO Friendly – Although you can manually SEO articles without knowledge of how well you have search engine optimised an article, WordPress allows users to install plugins that check just exactly how well optimised each article is before it is published. This is a great addition to have since you will be surprised to know that not every article will be well SEOed: in these cases, you will need to change a few things in the article here and there so that it is more organically healthy.

Better to Use WordPress when selling – If you want to create a website to sell it in a few years time, it makes sense to use WordPress because it is the platform the majority of people like to use: especially when they are buying established websites. You can find WordPress could appreciate the value of your website for this eas



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Paid Service – To obtain the full benefits to WordPress, you will have to pay. For some, this will not be a problem. However, for start up websites where little money is being made by the website, this could prove quite costly (think of it as a start-up cost).

Security Threats – Since WordPress is an open source platform, this means the security of the websites are going to be more at risk than, say, Blogger. Those that use WordPress will have to be extra cautious with security threats and set out their own security measures to protect their own website.

Slow – It is a known fact that WordPress websites have a lot of unnecessary general coding that are generally not used by certain specific websites. If you have one of these websites that does not use the general unnecessary coding, you will find that the loading time of the website will be unnecessarily longer than normal. Loading time of websites are crucial to the user experience and help to keep the web user on the page for longer.

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