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The Pros and Cons To Using Google’s Blogger Platform


The internet is exponentially increasing in traffic, popularity and websites. To start a website nowadays, you will first have to choose what type of platform you will want to run your website from. Although there are many out there you can use, there could be considered to be two market leaders being Blogger and WordPress. Like we already know with programs of Google like AdWords and Adsense, the search engine giants know how to make a success of something online. However, how good is Blogger? In this article, I want to highlight the main benefits and drawbacks to using Google’s blogging platform from using them for five years.

The Pros

Free – Above everything, if you are tight for budget when starting up a website, you can at least save a few bucks by knowing Blogger is a free platform that anyone can use.

Clean Layout –  I find one of the most important aspects I like about Blogger is the fact it is clean and easy to read information. This has helped me over the years to do more work by not procrastinating and by concentrating on the important elements to my website.

Secure – Since this is a platform owned and run by Google, you can be sure that your website is secure. Risks of malware and threats to your website won’t be possible since Google provides the security to all Blogger websites.



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The Cons

Limited – Especially when you compare it to open source platforms such as WordPress, you will start to discover that Blogger is a very limited platform: you can only do the things Google permits you to do with your website (think of Blogger as iOS and WordPress as Android).

Difficult To Change Platform – In a way, this a good thing for Google. Once you have created your site with Blogger, it is very difficult to move to another platform. It is possible. However, you are putting your website under serious risk of losing page rank, organic ranking and security threats.

Serious Lack of Support – If you ever encounter a problem with your Blogger website, there is no points at all to try and contact Google for help: you will get nowhere. The only area you can gain help is from other bloggers on the internet such as on forums etc.

Does It Sell? – After looking at websites on Flippa, I tend to find that the websites that have adopted WordPress tend to be worth more than websites that are running with Blogger. This makes clear that the majority of investors of websites, bloggers and website owners like WordPress more: possibly because you can do more with WordPress than Blogger.


I like Blogger because of its simplicity. However, I also do not like Blogger because of its simplicity. Like with most things, its swings and roundabouts. What do you want for your website? Do you not want to have to deal with the complicated ins-and-outs of owning a website and concentrate on just posting great content? If so, your best bet is to use Blogger.

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