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Is Too Thin & Light a Good Thing?

So if I were to ask you what your ideal Windows Laptop would be, I’m sure it won’t be a thick and heavy beast. Heck even gamers wish their machines were thin and light for easy carriage, but technology isn’t there just yet. Usually most thin laptops just look the part with design tricks, but then there’s LG. Their LG Gram lineup has usually gotten the light part right, but not necessarily the thin, up until now.

This is the LG Gram SuperSlim, what the company calls as Unbelievably Thin, Uncompromisingly light, and what I’m gonna call as my favorite product of CES 2023. See with how much I travel, I want a computer that can do most of what I want, but without the heft, and let’s just say this machine kind of makes the MacBook Air look bad in at least a couple of things. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s dive in to our review



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