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I bought SHADY Laptops from Amazon…

Ecohero Delta on Amazon:
Aocwei Laptop A2 on Amazon:
Bitecool HaloBook Laptop on Amazon:
Gateway 11.6″ Laptop on Amazon:

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Should You Trust Amazon Laptops?
0:35 Ecohero Delta
2:52 AMD Inside…Right?
3:44 “Warranty”
5:13 Aocwei Laptop A2
6:59 How Bad Is It?
8:12 Bitecool HaloBook
10:13 Gateway Convertible Laptop
12:45 Inside the Gateway
13:58 Inside the Bitecool
15:06 Inside the Aocwei
15:38 Inside the Ecohero
16:57 Was It Worth It?

Credit: YouTube/Austin Evans

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