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Why You Should Include Images in Blog Posts

Getting traffic from your blog posts can be a tough task at times. You might have created the most Image result for image blog postdesirable content. However, depending on how you structured your content, as well as many many other factors, will affect how much traffic you receive.

An area that is often overlooked in blogging is with including images in blog posts – bloggers concentrate too much on perfecting content rather than adding images to their content. To make clear how important images are to blog posts, here are some reasons to include them in your content.



Image Search Engine Traffic

From including an image in your content, you automatically open your content to the wonderful world of image search engines. This is the same as normal search engines, but for images. You might not think you will gain much traffic from this. However, talking from experience, some of my most successful posts have received the majority of their traffic from image search, rather than content search.



Encourages Social Media Shares

Social media is a great platform to gain traffic to your blog posts. You can share content effectively on most social media websites and it will get a certain level of engagement. Adding an image and it will, no doubt, increase quite a bit. This is because the introduction of an image into a blog post allows social media websites to show the image in the social post, making the social post immediately more appealing to look at and share.



Aids Readability of Articles

It is often said that an image can portray a thousand words. A 2,000 word article can look quite boring to web users, regardless of what the content is about. Through adding an image into the content, you can help to break the content up, as well as contribute to the content with a contextual image. This makes using an image a win-win situation.



Reduces Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of a blog post will naturally reduce with the introduction of images into the content. This is because images are more digestible, with regards to information, than text. There is seemingly less work for the web user to do, giving them less reason to bounce off the website and exit the page.

This is particularly effective for images above the fold of a website, where the image comes first before the blog post or just after the introductory paragraph.



Ultimately, there are very little reasons to not use images in blog post as opposed to using them. For this reason, I hope you take away with you the insight of just how much of a catalyst including images in blog posts can be to generating your blog posts more traffic.

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