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Traffic Tips For Beginner Bloggers


Starting a website can seem an almost impossible task at first since there are so many things a beginner blogger needs to do in order to get their website going. One of the things beginner bloggers need to do is get traffic (and can be deemed one of the most important things to do too)! However, for those that are completely new to the world of internet blogging and website creation, you may not have a clue how to start getting traffic. For this reason, here is an explanation to new and beginner bloggers about how you can get traffic to your website.



Search Engines

The best way to get traffic to a website is through the use of search engines. In its most simplest of forms, websites create articles and these articles are processed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on (only once you have submitted the article to the search engines first). From analysing the content, site health and other factors, the search engines will then let your website show up on search page results when web users search for similar topics. Depending on your site’s health and how high a quality and relevant the content is depends on how high your article is ranked on search engines. To improve your search ranking is a process known online as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). So, as long as you have submitted your website to all of the major search engines and publish articles, you should start to see traffic coming into your website.



Social Media

The next best thing to gain traffic from is social media. What you will tend to find is that for each article published on a website, the owner will have a corresponding social media account to share that article on that social media platform (such as Facebook and Twitter). Therefore, as well as the article getting processed by search engines so web users can search for the article, the article is being publicised on social media so that it can be shared, read and liked.


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This might seem like a huge demand to share and tweet the article every time you publish it. To combat this, there are many plugins out there on the internet that automatically share and tweet articles you publish and takes around 10 minutes to set up – definitely worth the time considering the long term time saving you will benefit from!



Sort Your Template Out

You might be able to gain traffic. However, if you have not sorted out the template and theme for your website, you should not be surprised that you will lose the traffic as soon as they reach your website. A smart professional theme will help web users engage with your content so that they spend longer on your website (which is ideally what you always want). A great themed website can significantly help to increase the amount of time a web user stays on a website and how many articles they view from that website too.

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