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Thunderbird 102.4.1 Launches With Various Bug Fixes In Email Client

Thunderbird 102.4.1 is the latest stable version of the open source email client. The new release fixes several bugs in Thunderbird, including issues with custom header data, the -remote command, or issues with the built-in Calendar.

Thunderbird 102.4.1 is already available. The email client is configured to download and install updates automatically by default; this happens over time and not right after updates are released. Thunderbird users may speed up the installation of the update by selecting Menu > Help > About Thunderbird.

The current version is displayed, and any new version that is detected during an online scan will be downloaded and installed at this point.

The official release notes are available on the Thunderbird website. The update is not security related, it addresses issue for the most part in the email client.

The release fixes the -remote parameter, which could affect the integration of Thunderbird in third-party applications, including in LibreOffice. Three fixes have been made to the application’s Calendar integration. The team notes that certain recurring events did not show up on the Agenda on first load, and that Thunderbird would set the “Accept” header of remotely downloaded ICS calendars to text/xml incorrectly. The third and final fix addresses a recurring event issue in the calendar. It happened only when users set monthly events on the 31st of a month on a month with 30 or less days. Thunderbird would place the first occurrence in that case 1-2 days after the beginning of the following month.

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Here is the list of the remaining fixes in Thunderbird 102.4.1:

  • The interface was not updated by the program’s dynamic language switching functionality of the user switched to a right-to-left-language.
  • Thunderbird discarded custom header data when messages were saved as drafts and later reopened.
  • SMS-to-Email service messages did not display images.
  • Vcards with nickname field set could not be edited.

The only new feature adds the catching and reporting of errors when Thunderbird parses vCards that contain incorrectly formatted dates.

Image Source: Bleeping Computer

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