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Recent Update from Amazon Affects Some Apps on Fire TV

Image Source: Pixabay

Amazon has brought in a new update that has stirred up some issues with Fire TV devices. The latest Fire OS version has caused compatibility problems with certain apps.

As per a report by AFTVNews (via How To Geek), Fire TV apps can no longer use local ADB Connections or execute ADB commands. ADB, short for Android Debug Bridge, is crucial for certain apps to carry out advanced functions. This change impacts apps from external stores as well as Amazon’s App Store, and surprisingly, app developers were not given prior notice about this modification.

The update is integrated into Fire TV for Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, and in for Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Even older devices may feel the effects of this update. Importantly, this change does not interfere with using ADB on phones and computers, enabling users to still establish ADB connections via those devices. ADB activation is essential for installing apps on your TV manually, and fortunately, this feature remains unaltered by the recent adjustment.

ADB has been a feature since the first Fire TV launch in 2014 and is a common feature on most smart TVs. When asked for clarification, Amazon responded, “We are aware of reports that some apps have been affected by a recent security update.”

Despite the security implications surrounding ADB, users need to manually enable ADB on their devices, and most apps that require ADB access prompt users for permission. Hence, users are usually aware of when an app requires ADB access, and Android has security measures in place to prevent misuse.

Amazon has taken a firm stance against alternative launchers for the home screen, which has not been well-received. The home page on Fire TVs and Firesticks includes auto-playing video trailers labeled as “Featured content,” which may be seen as bothersome.

To stop autoplay, you can disable it in the Settings menu. Even with this tweak, the home page might still not be aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, older Fire TV Stick models could experience sluggish performance. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video, the company’s premium streaming service, now incorporates advertisements.

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Rumors suggest that Amazon is working on a new operating system called Vega OS for Fire TVs and Fire TV sticks, which may eliminate support for sideloading, potentially restricting the use of apps like SmartTube.

Image Source: Pixabay

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