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The Pros and Cons To The Samsung Galaxy S6


It’s official. Samsung has recently revealed its new line-up of high-end smartphones for 2015 to compete against the likes of HTC, Google, Motorola, LG and Apple: the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. I am sure by now that most of you who are reading this will know the specifications of the phones such as what is under the hood, the amazing AMOLED screen and so on. Therefore, to not bore you with another technological update news article to the new unveiling of Samsung’s smartphones, I thought it would be better to highlight, what I feel, are the main pros and cons to the Samsung Galaxy S6. Is it going to be as good as it people think it will be? 

Pro – The Screen

The screen on both the S6 and S6 Edge are absolutely gorgeous. Boasting a 5.1″ Quad HD AMOLED screen, the colour reproduction, shear size and brightness cannot be matched (yet) by any other smartphone manufacturer out there.

The main benefits with having an AMOLED screen are that:

  • The blacks are really black. This is because for the deepest blacks, the pixels can simply ‘shut down’ so they do not emit any light at all.
  • It is extremely energy efficient compared to LCD. AMOLED screens do not need back lighting and because the pixels can shut down for the deepest blacks, the whole screen does not have to turn on at once if there are black elements on the screen.

This, all in all, will give users of the S6 a screen-experience like never before found on a smartphone.



Con – No Expandable Storage

You can see it in the design of the S6 that Samsung are trying to target Apple more as their main competitor. This is fair since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are great phones. But, in doing this it seems Samsung has taken on some of the characteristics of the iPhone (and not the good characteristics either). The S6 does not have expandable storage which means once you use it all up, that is it! Although the size of the memory you can have is larger to accommodate this, it is not a nice feeling to know you cannot expand the memory (or replace the battery for that matter too)!


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Pro – The Camera

A great talking point about the S6 is the camera which boasts a F1.9 aperture on both the rear and the front. This basically means that the lens allows more light to filter in so that dimly lit rooms will not be as grainy when taking pictures in them.

With smartphones, everyone thinks the more mega pixels the camera has the better…wrong! You can have a 100 mega pixel camera but without good colour saturation and light exposure it is all for nothing.



Con – Price

I can say that the S6 is a premium phone with what is likely to be a premium price. I can understand this since they are aiming at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which both have huge retail selling prices. However, Samsung needs to address the Android fans that simply do not want to pay that much. Take the LG G3 and the Nexus 6. These are high-end smartphones without the premium price tag. If Samsung can sell the S6 in the same bracket as the G3 and Nexus 6, it will conquer the whole smartphone market completely.

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