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New Stable Release of Mozilla Firefox 123: Open Source Web Browser

image credit:monticello/shutterstock

Mozilla has launched Firefox 123.0, the latest stable version of its renowned open-source web browser, on February 20, 2024. The release also includes the debut of Firefox 115.8 ESR.

An exciting feature in Firefox 123 is a tool that enables users to report broken websites directly to Mozilla.

Updates across all Firefox development builds have been synchronized; Firefox Beta and Development are now at version 124, while Firefox Nightly has reached version 125. Additionally, Firefox for Android now corresponds with the desktop version at 123.0.

I personally tested Firefox 123.0 to explore its new features thoroughly.

Key Points

  • Users can now report broken websites to Mozilla via a new tool in Firefox.
  • Firefox introduces a translation feature for tooltips and form control texts.
  • Searching within Firefox View is now feasible.
  • Attention: Older AMD processor machines may show all-black thumbnails in file dialogs. Mozilla suggests updating the graphics driver to resolve this issue.

Downloading and Updating Firefox 123.0

Most Firefox installations receive updates automatically through the built-in updating mechanism.

Note: This review predates the official release. Updates will be available by the publication date.

To initiate the update process promptly, users can manually check for updates by navigating to Firefox Menu > Help > About Firefox, prompting the browser to install the update.

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Official download links are provided below:

Main Changes in Firefox 123.0

Report Broken Websites Feature

A significant addition in Firefox 123.0 is the reporting tool for broken websites, allowing users to notify Mozilla about compatibility issues encountered during browsing.

The tool involves the Firefox community; users can access it by selecting Firefox Menu > Report broken site, choosing a reason, and submitting a report with additional details to aid in resolving compatibility issues.

Mozilla promotes this tool as a means to enhance bug detection and address prevalent issues, ultimately leading to a smoother browsing experience on Firefox.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • The translation feature in Firefox now extends to website tooltips and form control text, first introduced in Firefox 117.
  • Firefox View now supports a search function, making it easier to find tabs across devices.
  • Browser settings for the address bar can now be found in the Search section within Firefox’s Settings.

Updates for Developers

  • The <template> element now supports a shadowrootmode attribute for declarative creation of a shadow DOM subtree.
  • SVG elements <linearGradient> and <radialGradient> now offer color space adjustments.
  • Firefox now supports the 103 Early Hints HTTP status code for resource preloading.
  • The Web Authentication API enhances cross-origin credential creation.
  • A new function, contextualIdentities.move, permits moving items within the list of contextual identities.
  • The Network Monitor introduces the Save Response As feature, enabling local saving of response bodies, replacing the previous “Save Image” option.

Enterprise Modifications

Firefox 123 introduces three significant changes for enterprise users:

  • A bug with the background updater on systems with multiple user accounts has been fixed by Mozilla.
  • The Preferences policy now allows setting preference types using Type, rectifying a previous issue with Integer preferences set at values 0 or 1.
  • The UserMessaging policy has been updated to control the promotion of the translation feature through user popups.

Security Update/Fixes

Mozilla has addressed 12 security vulnerabilities in Firefox 123, focusing on enhancing browser security measures.

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For a comprehensive list of security fixes, click here.

Upcoming Releases

Firefox 124 and Firefox ESR 115.9 are scheduled for release on March 19, 2024.

Final Thoughts

The new website compatibility reporting feature in Firefox 123 shows promise in improving browser compatibility and user experience. However, users are advised to be mindful and avoid submitting generic reports to Mozilla.

Image Credit: monticello/shutterstock

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