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Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2 Released With Fix Of Opening Issues & More

Image Source: Pixabay

Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2 will be released later today. The second Firefox 106 point release addresses five different issues in the browser, none is security related.

The browser’s automatic updating system should pick up the new version starting later today. Firefox users may select Menu > Help > About Firefox to display the current version and run a check for updates; this check should pick up the new version later today as well and install the new update for the browser.

Firefox 106.0.2

Firefox 106.0.2 addresses five different bugs. Some of the bugs are found in new or improved features introduced in Firefox 106, others appear unrelated to that release.

Mozilla addressed two Firefox View issues (bugs 1792680 and 1794474) . Firefox View was introduced in Firefox 106 as a way to improve using Firefox on different devices. The feature works best if Firefox Sync is used, as it displays tabs from other Firefox instances in that case. The bugs prevented the reload button from working on the Firefox View tab and introduces sync requesting functionality on the page as well. Mozilla argues that users would expect that stale data is updated when the refresh action is selected on the Firefox View page.

Another issue that has been fixed in the new Firefox point release prevented the opening of the browser, it if was installed from the Microsoft Store (bug 1796391)

Firefox users could also run into browser freezes under certain conditions (bug 1793748). On installations with accessibility enabled, the browser could freeze on certain sites, such as Proxmox sites. Firefox freezes completely in that case and the only recourse was to kill the main Firefox process to close the browser and restart it.

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The fourth issue fixed in Firefox 106.0.2 addresses a PDF document display issue. Mozilla improved Firefox’s PDF reader by adding basic editing support in Firefox 106. Some PDF files with forms would not display correctly, according to the bug report (bug 1794351).

Mozilla fixed the column width of the Notification sub-panel on the Settings page as the final fix in the point release (bug 1793558)

Image Source: Pixabay

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