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Microsoft Enhances Download Speeds with Smaller Windows 10 Updates

Image Source: Stanislaw Mikulski / Shutterstock

Microsoft has made significant reductions in the download size of updates for Windows 10, resulting in faster download speeds.

In 2021, Microsoft announced a 40% decrease in the update size for Windows 11 by utilizing new compression technology. This enhancement is now being extended to Windows 10, starting with the latest version, 22H2.

The recent preview update KB5036979 reveals that monthly cumulative update packages for Windows 10 will be 20% smaller after changes take effect on April 23, 2024.

These smaller updates bring benefits such as quicker downloads, reduced bandwidth usage, and enhanced performance on slower connections.

What to Expect

  • KB5036892, released on April 9, has a size of 830 megabytes.
  • KB5036979, released on April 23, has a size of 650 megabytes.

The 180-megabyte difference signifies a 21.6% decrease, falling short of the 40% reduction witnessed in Windows 11. Nonetheless, forthcoming updates might reach a similar reduction level.

It’s worth mentioning that the comparison made by Microsoft is between a full cumulative update and a preview update, which does not include new security patches scheduled for release in May 2024.

Further advancements in reducing update size may bring it closer to the 40% goal established for Windows 11.


Microsoft clarifies that all future cumulative updates for Windows 10 will be smaller, enhancing the overall update experience.

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Image Source: Stanislaw Mikulski / Shutterstock

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