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Learn To Increase Adsense CPC


I have done a lot of articles on TweaksForGeeks that look at how to increase the traffic to a website. However, once you have got that extra traffic, you may find that the amount you earn from programs such as Adsense may stay the same. This does not seem right since earnings from Adsense are proportional to the traffic your website gets? What is going on here?

What you will find is that you CPC (cost per click) has decreased. This generally tends to happen as traffic increases unfortunately. But, fear not because there are ways you can boost the CPC of your Adsense units up again so that your CPC is high and the traffic to your site is high so that you earn the maximum potential.



Supply and Demand…

The first step to increasing CPC is to learn that a lot of how a CPC is calculated is based on the old saying ‘supply and demand’. If demand reduces, CPC will reduce. If demand increase, CPC will increase. If supply reduces, CPC will increase and if supply increases, CPC will reduce. Taking this into account, you should try to limit the number of Adsense adverts that you display on your advert. I tend to stick to 1-2 of the 3 maximum because I find that if I have three adverts, the CTR increase is not enough to make up for the CPC reduction. What I have found is that the sweet spot is around 1-2 adverts per page.

As well as this, you should enable your adverts to display both text and image adverts. Limiting your advert to just one of these categories will cause the CPC to fall potentially significantly because the level of competition will have reduced for your adverts if you are blocking a whole load of advertisers from bidding for your advertising unit.



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Choose Good Ad Locations

I know what your thinking. The CTR will be affected by ad location. But what you need to know is that the CPC is affected too. This is because if your advertising units are in locations which have high click through rates, the advertisers will be willing to pay more per click to their advert displayed there if they know that their advert has a better chance of being clicked if it is displayed there. Everything is interlinked in PPC!



Size of Advert

With search adverts, the general rule is that they can be shaped to fit into any type of size advertising units. On the other hand, image adverts cannot. Therefore, you will affect the CPC the advertising unit gets depending on what size it is. This is because the size you choose will limit what image adverts can be shown there (for example, a 468×60 image advert cannot fit into a 300×250 unit). What I have found is that 300×250 and 336×280 are two of the best units to go for since this is the norm advertisers like to use when creating display ad campaigns.

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