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Where to Find HD Video Stock Footage

It's easy to find HD video stock footage for your videos.

It’s easy to find HD video stock footage for your videos.

In today’s fast-paced world, video content is quickly becoming the preferred choice of users. Even back in 2012, YouTube was receiving 4 billion video views per day. With so many people watching videos on their desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, brands and affiliate marketers would be wise to use video marketing to their advantage.

Videos are a great way to market a brand, but they’re also a great tool for affiliate sales and blog promotion. In some cases, videos are even easier to rank than written content.

No matter whether you’re looking to expand brand awareness, improve your affiliate sales or attract new visitors to your blog, HD video stock footage can help you create professional quality videos that will help you connect with viewers and reach your goals.

How Stock Footage Can Make Your Video Stand Out
One of the great advantages to using stock footage is that it makes your video stand out. Stock footage is professional quality, and it will give your brand, blog or product the credibility you need to gain the trust of your viewers.

Many stock videos include beautifully designed intros that display your logo in a professional way. There are thousands of clips to choose from, which means you can be as creative as you want with your videos. You can choose to only use stock footage for your intros and transition into your own video footage, or you can piece together SD or HD clips to create a unique, studio quality video that will catch the attention of your viewers.

The Importance of Using HD Footage
While standard definition footage is still impressive, nothing beats the quality and clarity of HD video stock footage. High definition clips will ensure that your videos look great on any device. They also add to the credibility and professionalism of your brand. With HD footage, no one will even notice that you’re using stock video.

Where to Find HD Video Stock Footage
When searching for video stock footage, it’s important to choose a reputable source not only for quality concerns, but copyright concerns as well. Choosing an established, well-known HD video stock footage provider will ensure that you’re using footage that’s truly royalty free. While there are a number of providers to choose from, Dreamstime and Video Blocks are both great options.

Dreamstime (http://www.dreamstime.com/)
Dreamstime offers thousands of stock video clips with standard, HD and 4K options available. Numerous categories of clips are available, including animals, people, nature, technology, travel and more. Dreamstime uses a credit system to purchase rights to use their stock footage. High definition video clips (1080) are just 45 credits, while 4k clips are 90 credits.

Video Blocks (http://www.videoblocks.com/)
Video Blocks is an excellent source for unlimited, royalty free stock video footage. Users pay monthly or in six month increments to gain access to the site’s vast library of more than 100,000 clips. Much like Dreamstime, you can select footage from a variety of different categories. Video Blocks is a great option for anyone in need of numerous clips or those who create videos on a monthly or weekly bas

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