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EXCLUSIVE: Native iMessage for Android – No Apple ID Needed!

Goodbye, green bubbles… iMessage has been completely reverse engineered bringing _native_ support to Android! This isn’t like Nothing Chats or AirMessage, it’s the first truly *real* iMessage experience—without compromise.

Download Beeper Mini –
Try pypush –
iMessage, explained –
How Beeper Mini works –
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A new app called Beeper Mini claims to seamlessly integrate iMessage functionality on Android devices, potentially revolutionizing cross-platform messaging. Developed from the open-source project pypush by a high school student and supported by Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky, this app promises secure and direct messaging without requiring user’s Apple ID credentials. However, it raises questions about its legitimacy and compliance with Apple’s policies, especially considering the controversies surrounding previous attempts like Sunbird and Nothing Chats. As Beeper Mini enters the market, it remains to be seen whether this ambitious endeavor will truly deliver a reliable iMessage experience for Android users or encounter resistance from Apple.

0:00 iMessage has been reverse-engineered
1:12 “Beeper Mini” does everything client-side
2:51 A high-school student outsmarted Apple
3:40 How does iMessage actually work?
4:55 WTF is a “validation data blob?”
5:38 Apple isn’t likely to patch this “exploit”
7:13 Using iMessage on Linux
7:51 Registering Android phone numbers directly
8:30 Handling notifications…
9:47 It’s pretty much just like the real iMessage!
11:28 Today, it’s iMessage-only
11:53 Uh… is this legal?
12:37 Hot take: this is good for Apple users!
13:32 RCS is coming to iOS—doesn’t matter
14:05 A word of caution…
14:41 Idgaf about WhatsApp

Credit: YouTube/Snazzy Labs

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