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Apple Opposes Right To Repair Bill Due To Parts Pairing

Image Source: rukawajung / Shutterstock

Apple previously supported a “Right to Repair” bill in California but is now opposing a similar bill (Senate Bill 1596) in Oregon due to the bill’s prohibition of parts pairing.

Parts pairing is increasingly common in Apple devices, where specific parts like cameras, displays, batteries, and fingerprint sensors are linked to the mainboard. During a discussion on the proposed Oregon bill, Apple’s [John Perry] argued that parts pairing is essential for user security, safety, and privacy.

However, with parts pairing, only authorized Apple repair centers can regularly replace components, while user repairs are limited to specific devices with restricted access to parts. Even in the latter case, users still need Apple’s authorization to replace the part. This issue also extends to Apple’s MacBooks, where the lid angle sensor requires calibration using a proprietary tool.

During the discussion, the director of an Oregon nonprofit organization pointed out that out of the 15,000 donated iPhones received last year, only 300 could be refurbished due to parts pairing. The rest of the perfectly viable phones were discarded for recycling, to the detriment of everyone except Apple. The fate of the parts pairing aspect of the bill is still uncertain but it could set a precedent for future bills in other states and amendments to existing ones.

Image Source: rukawajung / Shutterstock

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