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Apple Problems – Patented Chip and Battery Variations


It is true to say that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has entered into the smartphone market with a boom blowing every single other smartphone away. For me, I am particularly interested in the capability of Force Touch which will really enhance the whole user experience the smartphone user will have of iOS. However, putting that aside, Apple has been having some problems with their new smartphones and, in particularly, the chips they have been using for their newly released smartphones. It is not happy sailing with Apple at the moment as you will find out in this article with these two biggest stories involving Apple at the moment.



Apple Use Patented Technology in Chips

The story: It has become apparent that Apple has been using patented technology, from Wiscosin University in the A7, A8 , A8x and A9 processing chips for their mobile range of devices.

Although Wisconsin University wanted a staggering $862m to be paid out by Apple in damages for patent infringement, a US jury ordered Apple to pay out $234m instead (which is still a lot of money)!

The verdict: I think this is fair of the US jury as Apple have infringed on technology for their processing chips licensed by the Wisconsin university. I do feel for Apple as they did use the technology unknowingly of there being a patent for it. But, surely, that is what the law team of Apple should be doing? It seems someone at Apple has not done their job correctly…



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A9 Chip Manufacturers Vary Battery Life

The story: It has also become apparent that the battery life in the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can vary by up to 3% based on who made the A9 chip within the iPhone. As it stands, Apple outsources the chips to two companies: TSMC and Samsung. If you have an iPhone with the Samsung made chip, it could cause a battery life that is 3% lower than that of the TSMC chip iPhone.


The verdict: This is a problem as people have claimed the difference could be up to 50 minutes in battery life. However, even though it is clear TSMC chips have better battery management than the Samsung chips and even though both are made to the exact same specification, the difference in battery consumption is within the tolerances of manufacturing of iPhones. Apple claims some processing chips can vary 3% from the same manufacturer so it is not an uncommon phenomenon.


I can understand people’s frustrations if they buy an iPhone with what seems like not as good a chip as other iPhones. But, at the end of the day, 99% of people would not even notice the difference – it is only because Apple is such a large company that this story has any momentum as we do not expect such variations in battery life dependent on who made the processor chip.

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