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4 Tips for Websites Over Christmas

The holiday season is a very different time for websites than any of time of the year. In general, it is the Related imagetime when most companies make the majority of their earnings for the year. But, for some websites, it actually proves to be the worst time in terms of performance and traffic. For this reason, here are some tips you can learn about and take advantage of to help understand and prepare yourself, as a website owner, over Christmas.



The Christmas Traffic Dwindle

For the majority of websites, they will see a significantly large traffic decrease over Christmas. This is nothing to worry about since it is a natural occurrence due to a numerous amount of reasons:

  • People take time off work.
  • People are spending less time being productive and, instead, celebrating and socializing.
  • People are spending less time at the computer screen.

For example, for one of my websites about analysing poetry, just the week before Christmas (being this week), I have seen traffic drops of up to 40%.

The promising thing for this is that it is only temporary. Expect to see traffic start to pick up to values that were normal before Christmas in the early stages of January.

If you are extremely worried about your traffic drops might be SEO related, it is worth looking at the average position of your website on Google Webmaster search console. What you will find is that the average position should not drop at all, suggesting that instead of ranking lower, less people are using Google.



Conversion Rates Rocket

Although traffic to websites tend to drop, the conversion rate of websites increase on the contrary. This is because everyone is looking to buy gifts for everyone else. Therefore, if you are selling anything on your website, it is worth pushing it a bit harder over Christmas just for this reason alone.



Theme Your Website Subtly

Adding a subtle Christmas theme to your website can work well in sharing some of the holiday spirit with your web traffic on your website. Such ‘subtle’ theming could be:

  • A snow effect animation.
  • Hints of red throughout the website.
  • A stocking or Christmas decorations around your logo.


Concentrate on Social Media

Considering the fact that there are less people using Google less during the holiday season, it makes sense to concentrate your efforts, for such a period of time, on social media. This is because everyone tends to be more on social media over such a period, interacting and communicating with friends and family. Therefore, it could work to your benefit to focus on sharing and re-sharing published content on your site – it only takes one post to go viral to make a huge impact to the traffic coming to your website!

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