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The 3 Best Advertising Programs To Monetize Websites


For bloggers and website owners, finding the right program to implement on your website is key to the performance of your website. I will be honest that the only true way to find out what advertising program works best on your website is to experiment. However, this does take, what it feels like, a lifetime. For this reason, I thought I would share with you what I think are generally the best advertising programs to use from experimenting over the years.



I really like The only problem I found with this PPC program is that it is very centred around the American market which means for someone like me who lives in England where the majority of my traffic comes from, the adverts are not as contextual since the majority of advertisers on will be targeting America. This does mean it is not my choice of program to use. However, if you have a large proportion of your traffic coming from America, you may find that this program will perform up to very similar standards to Adsense. is powered by Yahoo and Bing. Therefore, you know this is going to be a good form of PPC advertising.



#2 BuySellAds

By itself, BuySellAds are not the best way to monetize a website. However, alongside another form of advertising such as PPC, it works in harmony. The thing I found about PPC (bare with me) is that it only really works in the best areas of your website – all the other space on your website where potential adverts could have gone is wasted…this is where BuySellAds comes into place. What I have found about BuySellAds is that it is absolutely great at optimising the areas of your website others forms of advertising would perform badly in. For me, this is the sidebar. Therefore, BuySellAds has helped me monetize areas of my website I thought could never be monetized.



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#1 Google Adsense

This is the ‘top dog’. I have rarely found a website that can top how much Google Adsense can earn me for my traffic. Adsense, I feel, is the best. Run by the tech giant Google themselves, there are now companies that will help you optimise your Adsense account by experimenting for you with different advertising layouts, sizing of adverts, colours and more. These Adsense certified partners such as Ezoic will help considerably to improving the performance of your Adsense account which, from my experience is already the most effective way to make money from a website!

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