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2 Tips To Sell Your Website For More On Flippa


There is a point in every blogger’s blogging career where they might think ‘I have had enough of this website and want to start something fresh’. For the majority of website owners, they will turn to Flippa to sell their website. In essence, Flippa is a auction website just for websites, domain names and apps. It is the ‘go to’ place for selling your website at the maximum amount of exposure. However, just putting your website on Flippa will not get it sold for the price you want. Here are a few ways you can improve the chances that your website will sell for more than you want on Flippa.

Before I start, I should make it clear that these tips are independent of how good your website actually is. Of course, making more money from it, more traffic and other factors will enable your website to sell for more. These tips are for more when you cannot improve your website anymore – so you turn to improve your website’s listing on Flippa.


#1 Get Your Auction Into ‘Most Active’ ASAP

When you first start your auction, what you first need to do is get as many potential buyers to become aware of your auction. This can be done through getting your auction into the ‘Most Active’ section of Flippa’s website. This is an area which displays the websites that, at the time, are more active and getting bid on the most. Therefore, to get your website into this prime location for many potential buyers to see, you will need to:

  • Have a low price and no reserve – Although it is risky to do this, having no reserve and a low price tells the buyers ‘this website will sell’. A reserve will put many buyers off because they are not just bidding against others for your website, they are bidding against you to beat your reserve too.
  • Manually accept bids – What you will find is that buyers will bid quite high to begin with to prevent getting into a bidding war. A bidding war on Flippa will result in many bids and putting your website into ‘Most Active’, which buyers do not want as that means more competition. Therefore, always wait at least 24 hours before accepting bids when you first start your auction. This will mean more people will try to bid high to get out of ‘Most Active’. But, doing this was cause the exact opposite to happen which is what you want!


#2 Be Completely Honest

You cannot lie on Flippa or window-dress your auction. Buyer’s will see right through this. For this reason, be as honest as you can. Tell the buyers the main pros of your website as well as the main cons. If you do this, it will attract more buyers since buyers on Flippa love transparency and trust (a buyer will not spend thousands on an auction they do not trust to be accurate in the description)!

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