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10 Elements Every Business Website Should Have

The big worldwide web is an amazing opportunity for businesses to capitalize on. At the very minimum, Image result for businessevery business should have a website to point their web users to information about the business, or to even land a sale or conversion on the website. The problem comes with the website lacking elements which should be there, especially for websites for businesses. With this, here are ten elements every business website should have to make it successful.

  1. Business address – There will be a lot of web users accessing your business website just to understand where you are in the physical world. For this reason, make it clear what your address is. This is typically done at the footer of a website.
  2. About page  – It is always interesting to know about the history of a business and how they have got to where they are today. This is what the about page should include.
  3. Phone number – If you have a phone number for you business, you should keep this close to where you place the business address. Think of this area (typically the footer) as the electronic business card of your business.
  4. Store opening/closing times – Web users need to know when you are opening for work and closing too, otherwise it is difficult for them to plan to visit your store in person, or understand when you are open to talk on the phone.
  5. Social media links – Social media is a must for businesses and it is a good idea to promote your social media platforms on the website to attract a following for your business.
  6. Map location – Although the address should already be on the website, having a map location of where the business is might help web users that have a poor sense of direction and is pleasing to visually see where the business is located on a map.
  7. Image of the store – It is always a good idea to stick an image of the front of the business on the website, to illustrate to web users what the business looks like in person. This can help entice web users to visiting it in person.
  8. Contact page/email address – The website should enable web users to contact the business by email or a contact form. Many of the queries web users have do not always require visiting the store or calling a phone.
  9. Description of product or services – If the business sells a product or service, then this should be made clear in a section of the website.
  10. Reviews/customer testimonials – Depending on the reviews you have, you can have a section dedicated to customer testimonials. This works to give web users confidence in converting for you.

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