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Main Cons to the New Google Pixel XL

So last week Google released the follow-up to the Nexus range being the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Well, it isn’t exactly a follow-up since Google promoted this phone as ‘new’ new. But, yes, it is a phone with the latest specs and the latest Google operating system (being Nougat). However, as much as there is alot of hype around this phone, ...

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The Google Pixel – iPhone 7 Killer?

Last week, I wrote an article which highlighted what we can expect from Google’s new phone: the Pixel. Some of the things predicted did happen while others did not. Since this is Google’s first phone to not come with the ‘Nexus’ logo, is it a change in strategy by Google to target the iPhone 7 more? Here are the main ...

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Google Pixel Phone – What to Expect

It’s the fall which means it is that time of year everyone starts getting a little more excited: not just because of the holiday season but because every large tech company is releasing their new flagship phones in preparation for the holiday shopping season. Instead of giving the likes of LG and Huawei the chance to build the hardware for ...

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Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Which Console Should You Buy?

When the next generation of consoles were released at the end of 2013, there was a lot of hype over both Microsoft’s Xbox One and the Sony PS4. Truth be told, Microsoft had seemingly shot themselves in the foot when they made it clear that games could not be traded between Xbox One owners like it could be done on ...

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First Impressions of the iPhone 7 – Gamble from Apple?

So it’s September and the keynote speech by Apple to release their new flagship phone, the iPhone 7, has just happened this past week. With the likes of Samsung struggling with battery flaws in their flagship smartphone, the Note 7, never has it been a better time for Apple to step up to the plate and obliterate all competition from Android ...

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Samsung Note 7 Smartphone Batteries Catching Fire

It has definitely not been the best of weeks for Samsung as news came out that their new flagship phone that had solidified Samsung as the best smartphone manufacturer with the best smartphone on sale, the Note 7, is being recalled in their millions because of a faulty battery which is causing the device to overheat and explode.   The Samsung Note 7 ...

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What is the Future of Fitness Wearables?

Fitness wearables have seemingly been with us for years now: well, actually three years to be precise when Fitbit launched their first ever fitness wearable being the Fitbit Flex. Since then, the market has expanded at almost an exponential rate with every large technological company having sort sort of device aimed at monitoring and improving fitness. With Fitbit recently releasing ...

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5 Must Have Features For Any Laptop In 2016

Not long ago, it was rare for laptops to have 8GB. Now even the lowest price laptops have at least that and features that five years ago, we could not have dreamed would be on budget laptops today. Yes, technology does increase at a rate of knots every year. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a laptop and are ...

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Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the Best Android Phone Ever

There has been big news in the technological industry as Samsung recently unveiled one of their latest flagship phones to go alongside the S7 and S7 Edge called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For those familiar with the Note range, they are flagship phones with the addition of a stylus to help jot done notes and more (hence the name ‘Note’). ...

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