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3 Tech Companies to Invest in for the Future

Investing in the stock market is always going to be risky business. However, with risk comes the Image result for stock market sharespossibility for huge profits. The question that you need to continually answer is ‘what companies should I invest my stocks in?’ It’s the billion dollar question.

On the whole, there are a lot of companies for which you can ‘play it safe’ with. Tech companies, on the whole, are a little riskier to invest in since the companies continually require innovation and even invention to maintain and increase the share price of their stocks. Be this as this may, do not let that put you off from investing into tech companies. With this, here are some of the tech companies you could think about investing in for the future, which are likely to increase in value if all goes to plan for them.



#1 Tesla

Tesla are a very promising company that are predicted to be the market leaders for electric cars for dozens of years to come.

Although they are well established, in terms of an automotive company, Tesla is still very young. The ‘deal breaker’ for them will be the Tesla Model 3, which has already surpassed preorders and is looking to be a very exciting car for the mass-public to own. For this reason, it is a wise decision to invest in Tesla now, just before the Model 3 is officially released to the public.



#2 PayPal

Although you could see PayPal as a safe choice for shares to invest in, the rate at which the shares are increasing, especially over the last six months (where the share price has increased by more than 25%), means they are one of the top tech companies to buy shares in.

The truth of the matter with PayPal is that they have hit the spot for online payment. They are market leaders and will not be surpassed by anyone for years to come. For one, PayPal makes around $150 from me every month in transactions!

For the next 5-10 years, PayPal should be a good invest. However, as technology improves and payments made between banks becomes easier, you may see PayPal start to dwindle further on down the line. So cash in on their growth for the next few years.



#3 Nvidia

Nvidia is a company that is known best for making graphics cards for both computers, laptops, games consoles and even smartphones. Just like Qualcomm is for smartphone processors and Ferrari is for supercars, Nvidia is the company for graphics cards.

With this, the share price of Nvidia has increased seven fold in the last seven years. They are a company on the up and are not looking any time to slow down, with the vast majority of computers, smartphones and games consoles using Nvidia in some way or another.

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