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PlayStation 4 VS X Box One – Which One to Get?

In this day and age, competition in the technology industry is sky high. Every brand is striving to attain the “No. 1” title, such as Apple vs. Samsung, and iOS vs. Android.
In the past few weeks we witnessed a fierce competition between and Sony and Microsoft, two gargantuans of the technology industry. Both brands launched their highly anticipated consoles, which led to a lot of ambivalence as to which one offers the best performance. If you are eager to find out, read through the review given below:

X Box One
The X box one is undoubtedly a sophisticated piece of technology aimed to deliver superior gaming experience. On IGN, it received a rating of 7.8 out 10, which is pretty good. One fascinating feature of this console is that it can launch games, perform searches and capture game-plays through voice commands.

Other noticeable advancements of this console are better multi-tasking abilities, Kinect integration, enhanced interface and TV functionality.

All in all, from a gaming perspective the X box One has tremendous potential, but needs some time to get itself stabilized.

PlayStation 4
When it comes to the Sony PlayStation, one simply cannot doubt its capability and quality. The Verge quoted that “the PS4 is attempted to build the game console of our dreams”. The PS4 achieved a score of 8.2, which is comparatively higher than the X Box One.

Furthermore, its dual shock controller is probably the best ever built by Sony. Multiple features have been added to it such as the share button. However, the library of PS 4 is comparatively smaller than its predecessor and is quite costly as well. Therefore, it doesn’t offer much of an incentive to PS3 users to upgrade to the latest one.

Final Thoughts!

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Well the choice of console will depend entirely on what you require. If you’re a hardcore gamer, than the PS4 is exactly what you need. It’s small, powerful and delivers an unprecedented gaming experience. On the other hand, if you’re a gamer who’s into digital media and apps as well, then the Xbox One would be a better option.

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