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Phorus PR1: the New Play Fi Device

p>What would you do if you discovered that you can make your home audio system wire free? Streaming high quality audio from your Smartphone, tablet or PC is now a reality with the Phorus PR1 receiver. It promises to give you the best quality of two worlds: Wi-Fi audio and Bluetooth stability. This new technology, which is called Play-Fi, was developed to stream lossless audio by DTS. It can be used by an Android device or a networked DLNA drive over a home Wi-Fi network.

The Phorus PR1 has an oval shaped large textured surface. It has a rear USB port which can be used to charge mobile phones. Its size makes it travel friendly. It comes with rubberized docking stands, making it sit comfortably on any surface. It also has five buttons at the front, one for power, volume up and down, one for Bluetooth and one for Play-Fi system. In addition, it comes with a 3.5mm jack to connect with an audio system.

Although it was originally featured as a ‘wireless audio system for Android devices’, it has now added iOS support and PC playback will be added soon. With a 16/48 high res audio improvement and a large number of streaming services support, this is in direct competition with Sonos. Its Android app offers streaming from radio, internet and any computer or NAS. Being new to iOS, the device can only stream audio from either your Apple phone or Pandora.
Phorus also offers Bluetooth in conjunction with Play-Fi. This allows users to use the speakers without downloading a special app. You can add more than one receiver and link them up. This way, you can hear music everywhere with perfect synchronization in different rooms at the same time.

Phorus PR1, which is priced at $149, offers the same quality and features at half the price of its competition. So it’s definitely a good buy.


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