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PCDIY Show #107 – ROG SWIFT 540Hz PG248QP, ProArt OLED PA27CDE-K, ROG OLED PG49WCD, PC Builds & More

In this stream, we recap the latest new product announcements.

We will be covering the products noted below –

Monitors –
ROG Swift Pro 540 PG248QP – $899
ProArt OLED PA27DCE-K – $1999
ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD – $1499

We will also detail the latest UEFI bios updates for applicable boards in the last week.

Find out about the latest and greatest from ASUS, including first-look previews, teasers, and updates regarding productivity release/availability; for those looking for deals/sales, find out about our latest promotions.

The stream also showcases PC builds, mods, and setups from the PCDIY community in our ASUS PCDIY #builderspotlight. From air-cooled to liquid-cooled, ITX to ATX, we feature all types of PC builds and setups.

Are you interested in overclocking? Then, check out the ASUS #OCspotlight. Check out some of the latest OC results from pros and everyday overclocking enthusiasts from air-cooled to water-cooled, memory or graphics #MoreMHz.

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Want to submit your build? Have questions about ASUS hardware, upgrades, overclocking, cooling, or other aspects of PC DIY? Join our PCIY group –

Credit: YouTube/ASUS North America

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