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Official Design Files for the PR2 Robot Released

Building your own robot can be a rewarding experience, but sometimes opting for an existing robot can be more convenient, especially for research or multiple projects. This was the case with the Willow Garage PR2, a versatile robot that is no longer in production. However, the design files for the PR2 robot have now been made available for public use, as reported by The Robot Report.

The PR2 robot was designed as a sophisticated platform with a wide array of capabilities. Equipped with 7-degrees-of-freedom end effectors, the PR2 could manipulate objects and utilize various complex sensor packages to perceive the surrounding environment. Researchers utilized the PR2 for diverse tasks such as playing pool, fetching beverages, and even attempting the tricky challenge of folding laundry, a task that remains challenging for robots to this day.

Following the shutdown of Willow Garage in 2014, Clearpath Robotics acquired the rights to the PR2 robot. Clearpath Robotics is now offering access to the robot’s design files on their website. These files include wiring diagrams, schematics, assembly drawings, cable specifications, and other essential information. Although some personal information may be required to obtain access, all the documentation needed is available online.

The PR2 robot made its debut back in 2009, offering a glimpse of its capabilities. If you are considering building your own PR2 robot from scratch, feel free to reach out with any questions or insights.

Image Source: Clearpath Robotics

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