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Kenya Criticizes Worldcoin as People Queue for Free Money

Image Source: Vitte Yevhen / Shutterstock

Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency initiative launched by Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, offers approximately $49 worth of cryptocurrency to individuals in exchange for a simple eye scan. This project has gained popularity, particularly in low-income countries.

Recently, Worldcoin set up registration centers in Kenya, attracting a large number of people who lined up to have their eyes scanned in exchange for money.

The Kenyan government, which had previously advised caution regarding the sharing of data with private companies, decided to suspend Worldcoin registrations due to concerns over data privacy.

The Communications Authority of Kenya expressed worries about the quantity of data being handed over to a private company, the financial incentives involved, and the storage of biometric data.

In response to the suspension, Worldcoin, whose eye-scanning machines are being deployed globally, announced plans to implement crowd-control measures and collaborate with the government before resuming registrations.

The Communications Authority of Kenya is currently investigating Worldcoin and has requested data protection and security services to evaluate the project’s legality and authenticity.

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Worldcoin has faced scrutiny and confusion regarding its utilization of data obtained through eye scans. The project’s objective is to establish the biggest identity and financial network, offering universal access to the global economy for all individuals.

Sam Altman, the founder of the project, believes that Worldcoin can validate human identity and combat potential robot fraud. He also envisions a future where everyone receives a universal basic income.

Privacy experts express concerns about the transfer of such an extensive amount of sensitive data to a private company.

Image Source: Vitte Yevhen / Shutterstock

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