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KeePass 2.56 Officially Released With New Options Search And History Improvements

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The person responsible for the development of the free password manager KeePass has introduced version 2.56 of the Windows application. By default, KeePass is a local password manager, meaning that it operates without relying on a cloud account or cloud connectivity. Users have the choice to use sync functionality, but it is not mandatory.

The launch closely follows the release of KeePass 1.42.
KeePass 2.56 is offered as both a portable version and an installer. Users might see a SmartScreen warning in Windows, but it can be ignored as it is a false positive.

KeePass: New features

One of the new features in version 2.56 is the addition of a search function to the application’s preferences. A new search field is now located at the bottom of the options interface, enabling users to find matching entries in the options.
The search feature highlights the first matching entry as you type, and the Enter key can be used to navigate between matching items. Although the search feature does not display the number of matching entries, this is not a major issue given the relatively limited number of options in KeePass.
Another new feature enhances the password manager’s History function. Detailed information about changes to an entry, including when a password was changed, is now displayed in the history tab. Additionally, a new compare option allows for side-by-side comparison of data.
To compare two entries, users can select both by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on them. The compare button becomes active once two entries are selected. The history interface also includes a new “more” button with options to select all history entries or delete all historic entries while keeping current and unsaved data sets available.
Other smaller improvements in the new release include enhanced process memory protection and improvements to “some report dialogs,” according to the official release notes.
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