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iPhone 15 VS Google Pixel 8 – Best Small Phone?

Every single base iPhone review includes a batch of comments that follows the same theme. X Android phone has additional refresh rate, or more cameras, or better specs for the same or less money. And sure, a lot of that is true, but the problem is that none of it seems to be what most people care about. I mean sure there are more Android phones sold each year than iPhones at least globally, but that’s if you pile them up to include all the cheap phones that don’t match those arguments. Once you start looking into which company sells most phones, then yeah, it’s crazy to think that Apple is second around the world, and first in the US by a long shot. Those numbers alone make the next comparison unfair, even if this might actually be the best example of those arguments.

On one corner we have the iPhone 15, what Apple calls as Newphoria, and what we’ve considered as the best update to this lineup in years. On the other we have the Pixel 8, what Google calls as powerful in every way, helpful every day, and what we think is maybe the most underrated phone of the year, but for three years in a row. Seriously, it’s sad to see Pixels at just 3% of the US market share versus Apple’s 53%, so the question is, which one should you pick? I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s find out in our full comparison



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