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Enhanced Vertical Tab Mode in Microsoft Edge 93 Allows Hiding the Titlebar for More Screen Space

Image Source: Unsplash

The upcoming release of Microsoft Edge 93 brings significant improvements to its vertical tab mode. Users will now have the option to hide the browser’s titlebar, enabling them to maximize their screen real estate while utilizing vertical tabs.

One of the key distinguishing features between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is Edge’s support for vertical tabs. Initially introduced in late 2020, vertical tabs relocate the tab bar from its traditional horizontal position above the address bar to a sidebar on the left-hand side of the browser window.

In recent updates, Microsoft has introduced additional functionalities to vertical tabs, including the ability to resize tabs and the introduction of Tab Groups. Tab Groups, set to debut in Edge 93, allow users to group tabs together, offering enhanced organization and efficiency, particularly when using vertical tabs.

Vertical tabs excel at displaying more tabs on the screen without requiring scrolling, simplifying tasks such as tab management, drag-and-drop operations, and tab grouping.

Previously, vertical tabs did not achieve the desired space-saving effect as the titlebar was constantly displayed when vertical tabs were active. Development work on an option to hide the titlebar began in March in Edge’s development versions, leading to its inclusion in the stable Edge 93 release.

Upon enabling this feature, the layout mirrors Edge’s default design but without the tab bar, presenting the window’s minimize, maximize, and close buttons in a slim bar located directly above the address bar. With tabs arranged vertically and the title bar hidden, users can easily view tab titles by hovering over the sidebar.

Here’s how you can activate this feature in Edge 93 and later:

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  1. Visit edge://settings/appearance in the browser’s address bar.
  2. Scroll down to the “Customize Toolbar” section.
  3. Toggle the Hide title bar while in vertical tabs option.
    1. The feature is enabled when the toggle is on the right side.
    2. The feature is disabled when the toggle is on the left side.

The screenshot above showcases the feature in action.

Final Thoughts

The sidebar tabs feature in Microsoft Edge is highly effective. Personally, I have embraced sidebar tabs across all my Edge devices and have found them to significantly enhance my browsing experience. While some users initially critiqued the feature for not optimizing screen space due to the title bar’s presence, the new option to hide the title bar addresses this concern, enabling users to make the most of vertical tabs mode.

Image Source: Unsplash

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