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Adding 10 Gigabit Ethernet to my 129-Year-Old House!

Learn how to retrofit modern networking into an existing house! We talk the basics, create ethernet cable drops, and install WiFi access points.
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Gear listed in this video:
Ubiquiti/UniFi products –
Klein crimping tool –
Klein punch down tool –
Klein cable tester (cheap) –
Klein cable tester (with screen) –
Klein cable tester (fancy) –
Klein cable tester (extremely fancy) –
Cat6 cable CMR –
Cat6 cable CMX –
Cat6 keystones –
Cat6 connectors (pass-through) –
Cat6 connectors (standard) –
Ideal cable jacket stripper –
Ideal electrician’s scissors (amazing) –
Klein electrician’s scissors (also amazing) –
Pulling line –
Flexible auger bit I like (3/8″) –
Flexible auger bit I like (3/4″) –
Flexible auger bit I hate –
Flexible bit placement tool –
Milwaukee M18 cordless hammer drill (ugh, so good) –

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In this episode, we talk about how I decided to retrofit my 129-year-old house with modern networking. I walk you through the difference between a modem, router, and wi-fi access point, why mesh networks like Google WiFi and Eero don’t always yield the best results, the benefits to having wired, RJ45 ethernet in your house wherever you possibly can, and I put it throughout my house! I show how to add new cable drops to your home, how to plan cable runs, how to run a centralized server/network center, gear that you may want to consider using, where to put your wifi access points and more! I show you how to terminate an ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector, tips for stripping cable and using a crimper, how to use a punch-down tool to utilize keystone jacks, and how to verify your wiring is correct using a cable tester. Come join the fun!

Credit: YouTube/Snazzy Labs

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