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This copy of Windows is not genuine

Windows_Is_Not_GenuineMicrosoft, in a rather brilliant move, has released an update that checks your OS serial against a list of known leaked serials (corporate edition keys, etc). If your serial matches one of them then it puts a darling little message on the bottom right hand of your login screen, and also a system tray icon that nags you to buy a genuine copy of windows.

It will also pop up a dialog that says “This copy of Windows is not Genuine
“This copy of Windows is not genuine and you have not yet resolved this issue. This computer is no longer eligible to recieve select security upgrades from Microsoft.

To protect your copy of Windows, you must click Get Genuine now.”

Every so often a little balloon will pop up that says “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.” Below that it will say “This copy of Windows is not genuine. Click this balloon to resolve now.” If you’re working on a system that has this running it gets annoying in a hurry. What the time interval between pop-ups is, I don’t know, but I imagine it’ll drive most people to buy a legit key after a while just to get the thing to shut up.

Fixing the popup is easy enough.

Reboot to safe mode. Open up HijackThis and scroll down to the selection that says “020 – Winlogon Nofity: Wgalogon – …” select that, and click fix checked.

You can also go and delete the actual executable that nags you. The full path to it should be (for most installs) C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe.

Reboot after this. No longer should you get the popups and that nagger as you log in should not show up either.

Instructions for Windows 7

  1. Load the control panel and open up Programs and Features, then click on View installed updates
  2. Scroll down to the Microsoft Windows section, and locate KB971033. If it is installed, select it, right-click and then click on Uninstall. Reboot your system.
  3. If you’ve used any previous Windows 7 Activation cracks, then download and run WAT Fix. [If you've not previously loaded an activator you can skip this step]  This will restore Windows 7’s activation files and settings to their original defaults that way Windows Loader has a standard setting/file set to work from (instead of trying to crack files that have been already modified in unknown ways by other activation cracks). WAT Fix will scan the system and restore any modified files, after this is completed it’ll reboot the system.
  4. Download and run Windows Loader. When it’s complete, reboot your system to make sure that it no longer pops up the non-genuine nag window and that your desktop doesn’t have the nag text at the bottom-right hand corner.
windows is not genuine

Windows Loader

  1. Run Windows Update and hide KB971033 so that it doesn’t attempt to re-install itself in the future.


Close all the apps that you have open, run the program, and then click “Apply”. One virus scanner incorrectly identifies it as some kind of virus because of the compression that it uses, but I’ve tested it on 3 different machines (including my main Windows 7 Ultimate test machine) and it is clean.

Note: I am NOT condoning software piracy! If you have jacked your copy of Windows then it’s time to buy one!

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  1. Jackie Richardson

    Ipurchased this computer from a guy he told me he didnt have the windows cd and told me it would be ok just dont update well dumb like I forgot and updated and cant get rid of the popup can you help me? I cant afford to buy the cd for windows xp professional version

  2. Nope, not in this case. It sounds like you’ve got a pirated copy of Windows, so if you want it to be legit you’re going to have to purchase it, which I would recommend since Windows Updates are a bit of a necessity considering many of them fix security holes.

    As far as the popup is concerned, getting rid of it is described in pretty good detail in the article above.

  3. Hello,

    Its not true that NAG Messages are because of Microsoft advancements. its because you have downloaded the WGA Notifier. Turn it off its easy to do. and search around the world for some keys.

  4. Um, yeah, the WGA notifier DOES come from Windows Updates, otherwise how would you get it?

    It is, of course, not an acutal update, but regardless you “contract” it via the update service.

    Microsoft added the WGA notifier as an “update” a while before Vista came out as a deterrent to pirating a copy of Vista. This I would imagine has been quite effective since anybody that is using an illegitimate copy of a Microsoft OS no longer can get security updates/bug fixes.

  5. Well, I DID purchase my copy of Vista and after several months of no problems suddenly I am getting the “This copy of Windows is not genuine” message…

    I can just see the MS tech support:

    “I did purchase my copy of Windows.”

    “No, you didn’t”

    “But I have the DVD right here.”

    “I don’t believe you.”

    “But here’s the license key.”

    “Our records show that key is owned by an honest, hard-working small business in China in a province that doesn’t get electricity. We’ve traced this call. The FBI will arrive for you shortly.”

  6. I purchased Windows Genuine and downloaded the service key which did get rid of the baloon thing, but now when I try to switch from screen to screen, I get an error message. Says send error report / don’t send. Well I kept sending then it keeps coming back. Now I just click “don’t send”. How do I get rid of that? I also received my software. Should I “uninstall” the downloaded version and reinstall with the software? Do a system restore? Will that get rid of that error message?

  7. I tried to delete C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe but it says:

    “Cannot delete WgaTray.exe: Access is denied

    Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

    I did ctrl alt delete and stopped wgatray.exe from running, but it still says it. I right clicked on it in the lower tray and found I could choose ‘change notification settings’ so I’ve turned it off for the next 30 days… but then it says it’s going to annoy me again. My windows IS genuine but I dont have the serial code.

  8. I got a message saying the same thing, and now all my programs that microsoft made, like word, locked up!!! I purchased my laptop, it came witht the installation cd, the key, and everything. It came with Microsoft Word, and the cd to install it. I got it through my moms work, and now it’s telling me it’s not genuine.

  9. I successfully delete the notification and everything that comes with it. You have to get HijackThis version 1.99.1 to get read of it. Thanks to this site I’m safe.

  10. I have genuine XP pro that’s been running for three years, with all the updates. Suddenly I get the infamous message telling me that too many hardware changes have been done and I have to validate again in three days and blah blah.

    Actually the only hardware changes have been a few changes of mouse, a change of keyboard, heavy use of Flash memory and a couple of webcams trials. Reminds me of the blue screen of death.

  11. I, as well, have a legit copy, PREINSTALLED on my laptop from Best Buy. Now that the pop up happens, I can’t use Messenger. I even tried to fix it like they suggest, and the microsoft website says i’m legit!! For some reason its not sending that info to my computer though.

  12. I was having NTFS error messages in the system event log with my Vista Home Premium – laptop purchased from HP on the internet. After running both sfc.exe and chkdsk.exe and rebooting, now I get the following message after login where I HAVE NO WAY TO USE MY COMPUTER:

    Title: Windows must be reinstalled to activate
    Msg: Insert the Widows installation DVD or CD into your computer to begin the reinstallation process

    Text in bottom right hand corner: Windows Vista (TM) Build 6000 This copy of Windows is not genuine.

    The only option I have is to close the message window and the OS promptly logs me off. There is no task manager, no explorer shell…nothing else I can do.

    I AM NOW A VICTIM since this laptop was purchased from HP on the internet in Aug 2007.

  13. Heres what the little bugger looks like, if it doesnt work theres a link at the bottom. I have yet to solve it yet. My windows has be opperating for like 4 years now… I bought this computer, wth


  14. Ok so I deletd C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe.
    But there is wgalogon.dll also, Im not goin to delete it just just yet, well see if it stops. Also I wanted to add the first time it showed up, I clicked ‘Fix now’ (or whatsever it says) and nothing happened… I didt get the option to but anything, it just loaded as usual.?.

  15. I got my computer from my school and I am getting this pop up. One of the helpdeskie people I know that is basically a hacker told me that its a virus and i shouldn’t do anything until she can fix it for me. I mean, she works for the school and it sounds like this has happened to other people. I figured since the school gave me this POS machine it would at least have a legit copy of windows on it.

  16. i downloaded hijackthis!
    i restarted in safe mode!
    i opened hijackthis!
    and scanned!
    but i couldnt find any file with that name!
    vista was working fine first few days of my new laptop.
    2 weeks in and this happens!

  17. Wow, that’s a lot of unnecessary exclamation points.

    Anyhow, I’ve not run into this issue on any Vista machines that I’ve repaired, and wouldn’t be surprised if the nagger is built into the kernel or whatnot.

    Since your laptop is new, then I would approach whomever you recently bought it from and demand that they put a legit install of Vista on it.

  18. Oh comon, i am a pirat and all that i want is a way to solve this, your solution is great but since my copie is not genuine the things doesn’t even allow me to start in safe mode and i am useing vista ultimate so i dont have the “wgatray.exe” thing…. is there any other nam,e on vista so i can delete it? dont come on me with silly seremons saying i should buy the real one bla bla.. i am evil and i like it!

  19. ok.. ive done what it said at top..ive deleted the wgatray.exe and its now gone..but i still get this software is not genuine.. ive done exacly what the top said and its still not working..
    i hope you can help me =D tyvm

  20. hi, i bought a pc from a legit shop with a legit version of windows xp installed, my pc caught a bug and in the end I had to reinstall windows. Ok, I had to use a copy as I can’t afford to buy a copy as well has having bought a pc. How do I find out the serial number of the original windows that my pc had?

  21. Christine, you should find your product key on a sticker somewhere on the side or bottom of your pc. It looks like a sticker with a hologram in it and a barcode type pic along with lots of numbers and letters (those being the key)

    If not search google for steps on locating your OS key from your installation files.

  22. I’m having the same issue, but I know Microsoft has had an issue with losing registrations/keys.

    Problem is I just called mine in over the phone to have it reactivated; still getting the ‘not genuine’ which leads me to believe a virus…

  23. i have a genuine copy i updated my laptop and all of a sudden it tells me my copy is not legit i can’t find te sticke cuz my basement flooded and the cd was down there with the sticke and i threw it out by mistake hel me plz!!

  24. Ok I got this computer from usanotebook.com they told me something needed to be updated and that they could not do it them selves (not sure why but ok) so they gave me a disk to update and it updated me to windows vista ( I am guessing that it was a copied disk and that why) well I have had windows vista for like 3 months now and like 2 days ago I logged on and a pop up opened and my screen was all black and said that “this copy of windows is not genuine” I am not some computer geek so dont tell me something confusing and I dont want this to cost a fortune either, but i need help

  25. Katie, you have just described the almost exact situation i’m in. I got this laptop and disk three weeks ago and life was good. Today i fire it up and get the black screen and message. Somebody please help.

  26. Katie and Reddjuice,

    There was a recent problem with windows activation and that could be your problem. The other possiblity is that the computer company gave you a pirated copy of the software.

    In either case you should contact microsoft and ask them what you should do aside from buying a new copy of windows.

    The computer company can be held liable if they gave you a priated copy and they should have to get you a genuine copy.

    Good Luck

  27. After getting the warning my pc would not connect to the internet until I restored it to the earlier date. It worked for few days, then same thing. I had to restore it again. Any After body has any suggestion besides getting genuine XP copy?

  28. I am getting the annoying “not genuine” message. I bought this computer from Best Buy with Windows XP loaded. I have the Certificate of Authenticity right on the computer. I have clicked on the links and it says it verifies the program, but every time I reboot it comes back. Is not having loaded Service pack 3 a factor? What can I do??

  29. I bought a HP 530 note book which came with the Windows vista registration key. To start with, it refused to accept the regidtration key on the back of the PC,though it worked perfectly. I installed a couple of programmes, including microsoft office (not sure they are genuine). Now after approximately 4 months of working fine, it is giving me a notification that “this copy of windows is not genuine”. I can’t afford to loose my data and i dont have money to purchaser a new one because to start with i spent a lot getting the notebook with the genuine windows package. I need help.

  30. My girlfriend’s pc has been doing this! we got it from Staples!! I am very excited to go test this out!

    Thank you!

  31. i bought this computer from a Best Buy, so of course its legit. My computer had lost all of its programming (files like windows). I couldnt turn my computer on at all, it was that bad. I had it fixed by a guy that said it was no problem. I get it back, and my video card was stolen and there was a windows piracy on my computer. Is there any way i can order it for free?

  32. I’m not able to delete the wgatray.exe file in the said path. It shows me the following error… “CANNOT DELETE WGATRAY: ACCESS IS DENIED. MAKE SURE THE DISK IS NOT FULL OR WRITE-PROTECTED AND THAT THIS FILE IS NOT CURRENTLY IN USE.” Pleaseee help…

  33. I had the same problem with not being able to delete the file by myself, that was because the stupid thing just keeps start running by itself. so what i did was:
    1. i opened the C:WindowsSystem32 and found myself the wgatray.exe
    2. i selected it and pressed shift+del and DID NOT press OK.
    3. leaving the tab with the “are you sure” open, i opened the task manager
    4. selected “Processes” and found myself wgatray.exe
    5. i ended the process of wgatray.exe and quickly pressed YES on the “are you sure” tab (if u dont press it quick enough wgatray.exe will just start to run again and you wont be able to delete it)
    6. rebooted my pc and no more notice for me :P
    hope this helped someone

  34. Thanks MadBarbie, it worked like a magic for me.
    The trick is to be very quick at no.5.

  35. yup, as a reminder, i wanna tell you that the update is gonna try to install that noticer again, so just select the manual (or whatever it is called) installation (not automatic) ant untick the noticer update, so it won’t be installed again, and i think there should be a box where you can tick that this update would never be installed or something, don’t really remember now *blush*

  36. ok people, ive done this to about 7 machines now, most of them were illegal copies and i got them working without the popups AND they can still update off microsoft. this is for windows xp and vista. here goes…

    (most computers do not need to do step one, but try it anyway.)

    step 1.go to the task manager, (ctrl+alt+delete)
    and go to the ‘processes’ tab. find the program wgatray.exe and right click on it, and press end process, a popup should come up, so click yes. now, if what most of you are saying is right, and it comes back up again, press the reset button on your computer before it opens it again. if your computer does not have a reset button, quickly press start, u, r on your keyboard. (this’ll only work if you got a good computer.)

    step 2. while its rebooting, go into safemode. safemode lets you change core files in the computer without badly screwing it up. to get into safemode, you have to constantly press f8 until it shows a page that lets you boot with the option, ‘boot in safemode.’ (some computers use f9, so try both ways.)

    step 3. ok, you should be in safemode now. if you computer has the windows 95/98 style, and a black backgroung, and words up the top saying something like, ‘safe mode’ yeah, your in safemode. press ‘start+r’ and it’ll open run, or click on start then click run. type in ‘regedit’ and this will bring up the registry editor. (PLEASE NOTE: do NOT try to change anything else in the registry, unless you are dead sure you know what your doing.) go to ‘H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WINDOWS/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WINLOGON/NOTIFY’ and there should be a folder called ‘wgalogon’. delete it. this should tell the computer that wgatray.exe is not being used anymore.(ANOTHER NOTE: if your not sure this’ll work, right click on the folder, then click export. this’ll make a copy of folder in your destitation of choice, so you can always put it back in later.) now close the registry editor.

    step 4. now go to ‘C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32′ and find and delete WgaTray.exe. (an easy way to find it is to press ‘w’ when your in the folder, and that will take you first file beginning with w.) also go to ‘C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/DLLCACHE’ and find and delete the same file. most of the time though, there will only be one file in either of those directories. now just to be safe, check the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and make sure the program is not running. (if it is, then try doing step 3 again, or if you made a backup of the folder ‘wgalogon’ try getting rid of this too.)
    if this didnt work, look at the bottom paragraph of this post.

    step 5. now reboot your machine. you should have no genuine problems coming up at all. congratulations! its gone! BUT, we’re not finished yet.
    to make sure it doesn’t come up again, we’ll have to stop it being downloaded again. so, go to control panel, (its under start,) and go to the security center. it’s the same with vista. now go to automatic updates, and check the box that says, ‘notify me but dont automatically download or install them.’ this will make it so that every hour or so, windows will search microsofts website for newer updates. if it finds one/some, an yellow icon will come up in the notifcation area. (bottom left.) if you click on it, a window will come up asking something like:
    automatic, let windows download files, or
    custom, let me choose which ones to download.
    pick the custom button, and i think you press next then. now make sure that the file, ‘windows genuine advantage notification’ isnt there. if it is, simply uncheck the box next to it, and click download, or next. if you unchecked any boxes, it’ll ask if your sure you want to not download the unselected files. check the box that says something like, ‘do not show these files again’, or something like that. now press yes. ok! no that it wont try to download it again, microsoft doesnt know that it isnt a genuine copy, but it will still let you download updates. if you want, you can go back to the automatic updates window and make it so that it downloads and installs automatically, but i dont know if it ignore you and download the genuine file again, so i suggest that you keep on custom. plus, you know excatly what is going on your computer.

    and we are done! i think you can all give yourselves a pat on back, and you get a medal saying, ‘junior geek’.
    its not on the simple side of things, i know. but it gets rid of it without using and programs or whatever.

    (this next bit is for you people whose computers arent letting you delete wgatray.exe, in step 4.)
    go to ‘run’ again. (start+r) and type in ‘cmd’ this will bring up a black window with a command line. now, you need to in, ‘cd ..’ until the command line is just ‘C:>’. now type in,
    ‘cd windows’ and it’ll change the command line to, ‘ C:windows>’ now type, ‘cd system32′. ok, now we need to search for the file. if you type in ‘dir’ it should shoot through this big list really quickly, too fast to read. so we have to break it down. so, try typing in ‘dir/p’. this will break it down into one page blocks, so that you press enter to go to the next page. now search for the file wgatray.exe. this can be time consuming, but just do it. if it isnt in there, good! skip past this next square bracketed bit.
    [once youve found it, you know its in here, so now we have to kill it. this part completley destroys the file, as it doesnt even put it into the recycle bin. in your command line, type in 'del wgatray.exe', or 'delete wgatray.exe'.(capitals or not, it shouldn't matter.) and boom! its gone.]
    now in the command line, type ‘cd dllcache’ to bring you into the dllcache folder. now search for the same file using ‘dir/p’, and once again, if it’s in there, ‘del wgatray.exe’.
    now get out of the command line by typing, ‘exit’ the files should now be completley gone. (if you did these step, then you get and ‘honorary geek’ medal.
    if it still didnt let you delete them, try doing this proceedure in safemode, and if you just did, then damn.

    if the very rare few of you STILL couldnt get rid of it, then i’d be more than happy to help. my email is blazing_glory92@hotmail.com i dont use this email that much, i only check it about once a week, so please be patient.

  37. still didn’t work, what else to do

  38. The Windows getting out countefeting

  39. sorry people made a mistake. in step 3 where i put
    ‘H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WINDOWS/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WINLOGON/NOTIFY’ its actually ‘H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WINLOGON/NOTIFY’ thats for xp, im not sure where it is for vista. so i’ll just say one thing: if your installing vista, turn off automatic updates before you install it, to stop it from relising its not genuine.

    sorry for the inconvenice

  40. sorry about double posting.
    also please realize that it WONT WORK if you skip step 2 or 3. if it doesnt work, email me!

  41. MadBarbie ur a king

  42. if you see this that ” you may be a victim of software counterfeiting” then just do these 2 simple steps.
    1. go to system restore & chose the best known configuration point & perform this restore operation.
    2.after restart of ur compuer then go to windows update & “turned off automatic update “.
    hope u enjoy windows.

  43. Ubuntu…is all I can say…Ubuntu…

  44. saroj,

    that’s it really? Will I be able to load spk 1. I have a computer doing this and I cannot load SPKs on it because it is not genuine. Will this work.

    If not, Aaron, I am doing your suggestions!

  45. saroj has a good point that i oversaw. if the genuine popup just came up for the first time, simply do what saroj said. that should easily fix it

  46. MadBarbie, that worked, whew!!

    Took me quite a while to figure it out, but managed! Now let me reboot and see..

  47. Kishore Singh Rana

    no need to worry about it, just rename the below files:

    1. WgaTray.exe
    rename it as WgaTray.exe1
    2. WgaLogon.dll
    rename it as Wgalogon.dll1

    Path: C:WindowsSystem32and then press “w” to find these files.

    and please let me know when you complete it at kishorsinghrana@yahoo.co.in it will definitely work.

  48. i have tried to delete but it aint working!!

  49. Kishore Singh Rana:

    It works.

    Aaron, thanks! I did a mix of deleting&renaming, so deleted WgaTray.exe and the H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WINLOGON/NOTIFY and renamed WgaLogon.dll and…Bob is your uncle :-)

  50. I deleted wgalogon.exe & wgalogon.dll, backed up the registry & search for any occurence of wgalogon.dll & deleted them all.

    restarted it was ok, mthe message was gone.

    btw. That was a registered licence

  51. Thanks for posting this. I do have a legit copy and I’m still pestered by this annoying popup, so I’m anxious to try this fix.

  52. The best way to get around this is to install Linux. Grab a copy of ubuntu from http://ubuntu.com

    I run Vista in a virtual machine in order to connect RAS into work. I have nothing but trouble with Vista. Even using Microsoft’s own copy of Vista from my MSDN subscription, WGA will pop up and then shut down Windows. I usually have to go into my MSDN subscription and request a new key in order to fix it. This is MS’s “fix” for the problem. I’d have a fit if I actually paid for a Windows OS and then couldn’t use it.

    I may have to write code on Windows at work but I love coming home and using Linux. Everything just works and it works a whole lot faster, with a lot more features and it’s all free!

  53. MadBadie!!!!!!!!!
    You are realy a King.

  54. well .. change to safemode first den go to C:/windows/system32/ .. search for wgalogon and wga.. delete off or change their extension name like exe1 or dll1 as the top mention…

  55. I think i have the pirated Vista Ultimate and i am unable to find the executable file C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe
    so suggest me how to resolve this nag???????

  56. I have a Acer Laptop and something got screwed up and i went and got it fixed. the guy had to delete everything on my harddrive and including windows vista. well he reinstalled it but the damn sticker on the bottom of the laptop was worn off so he couldnt enter a product key. now my laptop is locked up it says to buy a copy of windows. which sucks because i dont want to spend 90 dollors. is there anything else possible?

  57. Kishore Singh Rana:
    It worked! Thank you much. Will I still get updates?

  58. it would not let me delete the wga.exe in the system 32 folder buy i renamed the exe and dll to xxx (what ever you want) marked as read only and it never came back up. But i still ahve the black back ground. If neither works take the drive out put it in an external case and delete from anotehr machine

  59. Well guys…there’s a very easy way to get rid of this stubborn darn popup message….here’s how you can do this!!!

    After installing your genuine copy of Microsoft Windows XP you are prompted with a “Your software is counterfeit” error message at startup. Even after visiting the http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/ site and validating, you still get the above message popping up after 2 or 3 boots. There is an easy solution to this and I would like you to follow the steps below to fix the issue.

    1. C:WindowsDownloaded Program Files

    Within that folder, remove any files or folders associated with .WGA
    2. Safe Mode

    Reboot your computer and as soon as Windows logs off, start repeatively tapping the F8 Key on your keyboard.
    As soon as you see the Windows Advanced Startup options select Safe Mode within Safe Mode get yourself into these folders…
    C:WindowsSystem32 (Rename wgatray.exe to wgatrayold.exe)
    C:WindowsSystem32dllcache (Rename wgatray.exe to wgatrayold.exe)
    Note: Dllcache is a hidden folder, to view hidden folders do the following, go to Start, Control Panel, Folder Options,
    Select the view Tab and under the Hidden Files option, select Show hidden files and folders
    3. Safe Mode Registry

    Click on Start, Run and within the open dialog box type regedit and click OK.
    Within the Registry Editor navigate your self to
    Right Click and Export the WGALOGON Folder (this should be saved onto your machine for backup purposes)
    After Exporting the folder, DELETE the WGALOGON folder
    After deleting close all applications and Restart your machine back to Normal Mode
    4. http://www.microsoft.com/genuine

    Get into the site above and manually re-validate your copy of Windows.
    After being prompt of a successful validation, Restart your Machine.

    Hope after getting this done, you will enjoy your PC as before!!

    If this works for you, a small “Thank You” is greatly appreciated…hehe!!! ENJOY!!

  60. I have a 3-4 year old Dell Dimension 9100. I bought directly from Dell and am suddenly getting this message. In addition, my computer won’t boot, even in Safe Mode. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I’m in trouble.

  61. I am having the same problem when loging into MS office (This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine) does anyone have a fix for this.
    Thank you

  62. OMG that thing with renaming those >>>

    1. WgaTray.exe
    rename it as WgaTray.exe1
    2. WgaLogon.dll
    rename it as Wgalogon.dll1

    Path: C:WindowsSystem32and then press “w” to find these files.

    >>> realy worked !!!
    Just rename these and it’s done … ur problem is over !!! :)))

  63. Macbarbie – thanxs….

    still not genuine displayed when office programs open.. can you rid this too?

  64. just so you all know even if you do have the wgatray microsoft HAS to update your system. All it does is turn off your auto updates. just turn them back on. It poses to much of a risk to have that many machines out of updates it makes their whole structure at risk.

  65. kishore tnx ur genius…simple steps but really work…

  66. Hello,

    My dad bought this acer laptop with microsoft vista 2 years ago. Now all of a sudden, in my hands(he gave it to me in april 2009 now its may 2009) I am receiving this message saying it’s not genuine.

    My problem here is, I tried to resovle through computer – properties – activate windows … what I’m getting is three choices – enter new product key, purchase key, ask microsoft for help.

    I entered a product key which is on a sticker underneath the laptop. They say it’s wrong.

    Now the REAL problem is it is telling me to activate my WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE yet the sticker underneath says WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM.

    My dad’s away on a trip so I cannot reach him. can anyone simply help me? I don’t find any CDs in the laptop case also =/

  67. Hey May,

    I have a Dell Dimension desktop bought directly from Dell exactly 2 years ago when I started getting the same problem.

    Anybody know why and how this problem is popping up? Has Microsoft put a time limit on how long you can use there OS before upgrading?

  68. For anyone using Vista with this problem of “This version of Windows is not genuine,” and nagscreens saying “Activate Windows now,” check out this tutorial. It’s a Vista Forum, with all kinds of solutions for Vista.


    I had the nagscreen for a week and all I did was change the product key, restarted my computer and voila, good as new!

  69. Thanks guys! I havnt payed microsoft a cent in over a decade now. As if you would

  70. i got my computer clean because it had a virus from a omputer expert when it return to me it was working very well till i update this thing pop up tell that window is the genuine.Bought the genuine package and can not get it to work. what am doing wrong

  71. I thought this software is free of charge, but after installed and scaned, they asked me to pay by visa before I can delete the infected files.. hmm !

  72. >._< I login today and it tells me its am a victim of counterfeiting..thats total BS anywho if anyone can help me please let me know.

    o.o Am going try that thing on top that uhh..that computer repair guy said.

  73. guys i install by mistak a genius software..but it is not validate..and for validate it costs is 6000 $ and don’t want to purchase it…i want to remove it how to remove.the genius sofware..or it will fix without buy it..tell me how i do this…plz…

  74. Hey everyone…what you all are describing sounds like what happened to me.
    I logged on to a wireless network that wasn’t legit I think and the next time I turned on my comp I got the windows is not genuine message. I think that someone got to my computer through the faulty wireless network.
    The only thing I’m wondering now is what to do about it…
    If anyone knows could you email me? vfa1986@gmail.com


  75. i’ve had the genuine version of windows, but my computer got a million viruses so i had to get it fixed, and when i got it back, everything had been taken off of it so i had to re-install windows (the same key as before). it worked, but after about a month, maybe two, it gave me this message saying my version of windows isnt genuine, well it is, cos i have the disc right here. but no. it keeps nagging me. and now it wont let me have any backgrounds, but instead replaces anything with a little message at the bottom of the screen saying this copy of windows isnt genuine.

    any help? please???

  76. I would be so seriously pissed if I had bought a bogus copy of windows.

  77. I bought an Asus computer laptop in Best Buy on December 26 2009 and I picked up next day. One day later I see the message you already know. I searched the file C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe
    but nothing I don’t have that file, then I scanned my computer with Panda Antivirus and have no results. What the hell can be the answer. Well this IS THE SOLUTION is simnple and fast I JUST MAKE A RESTORE POINT TO A DAY BACK AND WORKS. I hope works for Windows XP or Windows Vista
    Note: I have Windows 7. Comments to sir_franco83@hotmail.com

  78. I purchase a legal copy of Office through my company at a reduced rate. Now I have this error message not geninue. What can I do to get this correct without spending more money.

    Commet to Garygreene@windstream.net

  79. Sir, thank you very much!! I have windows 7. I used that little program as you indicated and the black screen saying “this copy of windows is not genuine” completely went away. I didn’t even use Safe Mode. Problem solved. Thanks again

  80. I have been trying your tips on wga file removal for Win Vista but i have Windows 7 Ultimate and i can’t find the wganotification file or the link in the registry.

    Is it under a different name in Win7? Or is it hidden somehow? Because I can’t even find the prosses in the task manager.

    I’ve tried all of the differant tips on your site to no avail please help if you can i’m tired of resetting my desktop and getting interupted playing bbc2 and such.

    Thank you very much!


  81. Phillip,

    The easiest way to fix the issue in Windows 7 is to use the ChewWGA tool that I’ve located. You can download it from here: http://Chew7.co.cc/

    ChewWGA v0.9 "Windows Not Genuine" Fix for Windows 7

    Close all the apps that you have open, run the program, and then click “Apply”. One virus scanner incorrectly identifies it as some kind of virus because of the compression that it uses, but I’ve tested it on 3 different machines (including my main Windows 7 Ultimate test machine) and it is clean.

    -TweaksForGeeks Support

  82. As always, this should ONLY be used to fix issues where your copy of Windows is incorrectly identified as not genuine. It should NOT be used to pirate Windows.

    -TweaksForGeeks Support

  83. FINALLY!! I reimaged my Toshiba Satellite L450 laptop a couple of weeks ago and after allowing the automatic updates Windows 7 suddenly tells me that it is not genuine. HOW CAN THIS BE IF WINDOWS 7 CAME WITH THE LAPTOP!?

    Anyway you have fixed the problem with the link to the tool. Thank you!!!!!!

  84. Thank you soooooo much!!! Chew WGA works like a charm on Windows 7. (I have tried EVERYTHING else)
    You all are geniuses!

  85. I’ve had this problem with Windows 7 for a couple months now and Chew7 is the FIRST tool that actually fixed it.



  86. I think Microsoft screwed up by giving resellers subscription copies instead of retail ones and now want to hold a flame under the little guys feet to buy new ones by deactivating your key.
    Why do I think this?
    I was on the phone yesterday with Microsofts activatiion department trying to find a solution to me not being able to reactivate my copy as they deactivated it.
    They tell me my copy was never intended for sale to the public as it was part of a subscription.
    I ask if I bought another copy from newegg or amazon.com would I be safe from this crap happening again?
    They tell me newegg and amazon have sold some of these subscription copies as well.

    I simply find that hard to believe when both newegg and amazon.com buy from MICROSHAFT directly and I checked all the feedback on newegg and not persone say’s they have been subjected to the “your copy of windows is not genuine” crap.

  87. Oh, “CHEW WORKED”, lol.
    I guess I’ll find out if win 7 will stay running in a couple more weeks?

  88. The best way is to just simply format and turn of updates. There you go, problem solved. The site said geeks, i presumed that meant everyone has back up hardrives or nas drives. Also that crack, is not at all clean. Run it with any descent Av or malware and you’ll find trackers, Trojan’s and keylog’s. Anyway, there’s my advice. Discuss……

  89. Thanks, very useful

  90. UHm…..Guys the link dont work it says
    HTTP Error 500 Internal server error


    The Web server (running the Web Site) encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request by the client (e.g. your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) for access to the requested URL.

    This is a ‘catch-all’ error generated by the Web server. Basically something has gone wrong, but the server can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client. In addition to the 500 error notified back to the client, the Web server should generate some kind of internal error log which gives more details of what went wrong. It is up to the operators of the Web server site to locate and analyse these logs.

    500 errors in the HTTP cycle

    Any client (e.g. your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) goes through the following cycle when it communicates with the Web server:

    Obtain an IP address from the IP name of the site (the site URL without the leading ‘http://’). This lookup (conversion of IP name to IP address) is provided by domain name servers (DNSs).
    Open an IP socket connection to that IP address.
    Write an HTTP data stream through that socket.
    Receive an HTTP data stream back from the Web server in response. This data stream contains status codes whose values are determined by the HTTP protocol. Parse this data stream for status codes and other useful information.
    This error occurs in the final step above when the client receives an HTTP status code that it recognises as ‘500’.

    Fixing 500 errors – general

    This error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client-side problem. It is up to the operators of the Web server site to locate and analyse the logs which should give further information about the error.

    Fixing 500 errors – CheckUpDown

    Please contact us (email preferred) whenever you encounter 500 errors on your CheckUpDown account. We then have to liaise with your ISP and the vendor of the Web server software so they can trace the exact reason for the error. Correcting the error may require recoding program logic for the Web server software, which could take some time.

  91. This Chow thing is full of viruses my antivirus software complains.

  92. smarter than a pile of electronics

    1 Vista windows is garbage
    2 Do what it said to do at the top of the page.
    3 Be 2% smarter than the plastic your working on
    4 Bill Gates is a greedy you know what and thats that !!!!

  93. i had a laptop bought for me, working fine, and i accidently cracked the screen. When it got back from being fixed today, it is saying this. Buti’m a tad worried- Because it’s a prefessional company that fixed it- and thats PC world!! DoI go back and show them??

  94. ive had my laptop for a long time. its worked fine. then this pops up when i start it up telling me its not genuine. wtf!

  95. i solved this problem by booting on a linux cd and removing wgalogon.dll and wgatray.exe
    then i booted into windows clicked start then run-typed in Regsvr32 %Windir%system32LegitCheckControl.dll /u and presto!

  96. WINDOWS 7 DEVELOPERS ONLY ???????????
    ok i a genuie copy of windows 7 with authenticity
    certificate now i get on computer and it says that it is not genuine phoned microsft to check this out and they say it is a genuine disc but it is for developers only
    and i should return it. cd key has also been blocked from microsoft. has anyone herd of this before

  97. what does it meain this copy of windo is not genuine the wards its the top of my computer

  98. it works:))
    thanx a lot:)
    you can download Chew-WGA from here-

    AUTHOR EDIT: Use this instead – http://hotfile.com/dl/103196874/4437adf/ChewWGA.zip.html

  99. thank you very much it was a big problem

  100. I keep getting this pop-up that says I do not have genuine Windows.

    Also that I have counterfeit windows. ???

    I also can not download any window updates or fixes.

    Help me if you can.

  101. You can remove the window update failure by going into the registry under hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowspoliciesexplorer….click on explorer and erase the “NoUpdate” DWORD key…….close registry and go to http://www.microsoft.com and manually start windows update

  102. @ JR: what’s the password please? thanks!

  103. Hey Lorenzo, I can’t find a policies tab under hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowspoliciesexplorer

    Any other suggestions?


  104. What if screen is black? No options, nothing to click? How get to safe mode?

  105. Hi, this “The copy of Windows is not genuine” just popped up today, when I turned on my computer. It’s a black screen, and it says “Windows is not genuine etc” at the down right corner.
    I have tried both your solutions, but I can’t seem to find
    either “020 – Winlogon Nofity: Wgalogon – …” in HiJackThis, or the C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe. file.
    What should I do?
    Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate.

    Thanks in advance!

  106. Hi My windows was giving this problem but i ignored it as the system was working properly…and then suddenly yesterday my windows cant load and i cant even start it on safe mode etc.
    Can you please help…i think the windows is pirated one in my laptop beacause few months back i had given my laptop for repair as hard disc had crashed.
    Need your help.
    Please reply

  107. This is a very easy fix DO NOT ENTER NO CODES NOWHERE!!!! Simply go to HELP & SUPPORT From your START MENUE. In the SEARCH BOX type PRODUCT KEY. Scroll down where it says ACTIVATE WINDOWS ON THIS COMPUTER. Click where it says CLICK TO OPEN WINDOWS ACTIVATION. A box will appear. Choose the CENTER BOX and type in your product key thats on your tower or underneith your laptop. Click your ENTER BUTTON and thats it. REBOOT your computer ONE TIME and the error will be gone.

  108. Gr8 work done ….

  109. whats the password

  110. can you tell me the password

  111. hey me to have the same problem of dat my windows is not geniun soo plz help me to solve it plzplz

  112. hjkh hey me to have the same problem of dat my windows is not geniun soo plz help me to solve it plzplz

  113. Yo thanx
    it happens to me today. I use your stuff and it still works! super!

  114. whats the password?please

  115. This is a guide on how to make your copy of
    Windows XP genuine without any cracks, keygens
    1. Click on “Start”
    2. Click on “Run”
    3. In the blank box, type in “Regedit” and click OK
    4. When a window opens, you will see a tab that says “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, expand that
    5. Once you expand that tab, you will see another tab that says “Software”, expand that tab
    6. Once you expand that tab, you will see another tab that says “Microsoft”, expand that tab
    7. Once you expand that tab, you will see another tab that says “Windows NT”, expand that
    8. Once you expand that tab, you will see another tab that says “CurrentVersion”, expand
    that tab.
    9. Once you expand that tab, you will see another tab that says “WPAEvents”, double click on
    that tab.
    10. Once you double click on “WPAEvents”, you will see a file that is named “OOBETimer”.
    11. Double click on “OOBETimer” and a new window should open, when that window opens,
    delete all the characters you see (It will be a very strange code consisting of
    number, letters and strange symbols). Make sure that you HIGHLIGHT all the characters, and
    then delete them. When you have finished deleting the characters,
    the only ones remaining should be “0000”.
    12. Once you have done that, click OK and close everything.
    13. Now again, go on “Start” and click on “Run”.
    14. This time, type this in “%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a”.
    15. A new window with the title “Let’s activate Windows” should open.
    16. You should see three options when that window opens, select the one that says “Yes, I
    want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows”,
    and click “Next”.
    17. Once you do that, it will be say “Generating New Installation ID”, and then another page
    should open up.
    18. On the bottom of the new page that opens, you should see a button that says “Change
    Product Key”, click on that.
    19. Now it will take you to a new page, and you will see 5 blank boxes, fill those boxes up with
    this key “THMPV-77D6F-94376-8HGKG-VRDRQ”.
    20, Make sure you have copied the key CORRECTLY, once you have done this, click on
    21. Once you have done this, it should say “Generating New Installation ID” and take you back
    to the previous page.
    22. This time just click on “Remind Me Later”.
    23. Now restart your computer, and you’re done, your copy of Windows XP should now be
    If you have any questions or any problems with this method, please do comment on this torrent
    as I will be more then happy to help, this method is a bit
    complicated so I wouldn’t expect everyone to get it straight away, if you are really struggling
    then I strongly encourage that you do comment.
    If you’re not sure about something, or if you can’t seem to carry out one of the steps then once
    again, please do comment as I am here to help. If you were
    able to carry out all these steps successfully then I hope that your Copy of Windows XP is now
    genuine, then I would also appreciate if you could give out
    some tips as to how to make this task easier for others who may be struggling.
    By- Sameer

  116. can i do this if my windows is not genuine?

  117. Hiiiiii Ryo, if u use my trick u wil get all genuine windows.if u wanna to kno dar ur windows is genuine or not then try tu install wmp11 or IE-8 if it want to update ,than ur windows is not genuine otherwise if install u r lucky……..

  118. Hi,Dear sameer,
    Your answer of question by shubhra Jana, i have followed the all steps and now my problem sorted out.
    I am facing this problem due to i have formatted my laptop and lost my genune windows xp software.
    thanks a lot. And can i go for the option of automatic updates now? please suggest me.
    Thanks again

  119. dude………i’m not able 2 delete the file – wgatray.exe….I cant even end the process in windows task manager! Help please….

  120. thnx a lot Shubhra J Jana-sameer. it was so annoying

  121. Is there anyone who knows the password of chewWga.rar i download it and it was compressed by winrar protected by password. why you guys post the download link then didn’t gave the password, useless. please tell us the password.

  122. yes i had that prblem with the wga,in the tray and on screen couldnt even keep a wall paper on and screen went black finally got rid of it thank god i pressed alt,ctrl,delete,went to the task manager the processes and it was in there i deleted it and it took it away soon i ended the process.

  123. you may be a victim of software counterfeiting.

    this copy of window did not pass genuine windows validation what i should do for this please reply me

  124. Hi can any 1 tell me the password please, thanks.

  125. Hi Guys,

    Find below some links. I used today, I have been looking for a solution for months and have tried so many patches etc but with no joy, till today.

    Any ways, I have an origenal Win7 64Bit O/S.

    Film explains all, I watched vid and just selected RemoveWAT.exe as I already had origenal Win7 O/S.

    I selected RemoveWAT and wait a couple of mins and thats it..

    and here is his link to the tools you need:

    Good luck all.

  126. Hi,
    I have genuine Windows Vista on my machine as it was purchased 2 years ago from PC World.
    However I do not have an activation key & all of a sudden I am getting the Windows needs to be activated.
    When I folow the link to try & activate I get an “error on page” message & then it just changes the page to a bling search engine.
    What can I do to get my machine back to normal? Is there anyway I can find out my key as I changed my case last year & the system didn’t come with a recovry disk or anything & I have never made one. (stupid I know).
    Please help as my only other option is to take it to a shop & pay out money I don’t have.
    Thank you.

  127. Hi Shubra.. can i do it in window 7?

  128. I just want to tell Satman that I repair computers, but trobleshooting software is not my bag. I appreciate his help with this issue and it worked fine…………good job dude.

  129. Can I Typing any number combine with any letter in that 5 box for product key,or have had to type exactly how see here o, what?

  130. Dear Sameer,

    There is no WPAEvents in Current Version, I have Window Vista. Please help !!!! Thank you.

  131. Hi all, anybody knows the password for the downloaded rar file? thanks…

  132. For any of you that haven’t been able to find a non password-protected version of the file, I’ve got one for you here: http://hotfile.com/dl/103196874/4437adf/ChewWGA.zip.html

  133. Hi, all any one knows the password for downloaded file

  134. Got the problem today I cant find the wg thing in task manager

  135. how can we know that windows is genuine or not?

  136. Hey Shubhra J Jana,

    can i try your solution for windows 7 OS,instead for windows xp..??

    please reply..waiting

  137. its really useful………………..

  138. thank u verrrrrrrrrrry much ,finaly i’m relived

  139. it really works!!!!!!!!!!
    thnx a lot…..:)

  140. thx a lot shubrha j jana

  141. Rocking. thanx sameer. just type carefully.

  142. when i open the tab of activate window it does not display any thing………..Plzzzz……help me out

  143. Ah, perfect. Copied to thumb drive and will take it with me in case anyone else experiences the same problem. Thanks… outstandin

  144. Thank you so much for your solution…the chewWGA zip file did the trick! After spending hours and hours trying various online solutions, it is a relief to have one actually work.

  145. Just FYI – seeing as this is the top search in google I’ll post here.

    New upstate installed yesterday hiding under the guise of a security certificate update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2524375).
    This will check if your copy on Win7 is genuine and throw up WGA notifications. Removing the update fixed the issue.

  146. Thanks. this worked perfectly on my windows 7 ultimate. YAY!

  147. Awesome, chewWGA worked a treat :)
    Thanks a bunch.

  148. I downloaded the file and ran it and it got rid of the message at the bottom right corner. I got ripped off by a seller through ebay, paid $180 and the software worked fine then a few days ago I got the message that my copy of windows might not be genuine.
    I called Microsoft and they told me that it was a builders copy and not a retail copy. They also told me there was nothing they could do other than sell me a new key for $190.

  149. Sweet! you are the boss, now i don’t have to spent hundred for one computer system anymore. Thank you for chewWGA


  151. Thanks so much! works like magic!

  152. when iwas full scanning for this computer, isaw new message on title icon consist for this pargrph (windows 7 Build 7600 this copy of windows is not genuine. please give me useful for this status..thaaaanks

  153. Now I can finally watch Netflix without having to sit next to the laptop in order to X out of that STUPID WNDWS Not Genuinemessage every 10 minutes. I don’t know who you are but much luv for posting this fix up. Bill Gate will survive without my $220.

  154. Excellent stuff it works perfectly

  155. Hey a load of thanx..
    U really compressed the whole mess into a single zip..
    Worked perfectly.
    Excellent Trick.
    Thanx a lot again..

  156. ur the man!!!!

  157. Good idea really it worked for me

    Thanks a lot….


    Thank you

  159. Thank you very much its realy helpfull…….

  160. from the deepest part of my heart thank you!

    I tried it for the first time but it didnt work then I restarted my computer and tried again and wow! it worked.

    Thank Allah

  161. pls send me the link for downloading chewWGA .please…..

  162. WOW this actually worked on my windows 7 ultimate computer that WAS as far as I know a legit copy (was installed on a computer I purchased, which crashed)! I’ve tried for weeks to fix it. THANK YOU!

  163. thanx a lot dear to fix my problem it really works lyk an angel for pc.

  164. thankxx..!!

  165. Thank you so much for your solution…the chewWGA zip file did the trick! Thank you.

  166. Codeknight-Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi. I may never know how to thank you for this software.The ‘darling’ message is out of the bottom left corner of my desktop.I was a little suspicious at first that the download may be malicious but it worked pretty well (even Kaspersky didn’t know what happened!).Thanks a bunch.

  167. thanxxx

  168. awesum dude..it works

  169. Really great work

  170. Mungu Akubariki.

  171. hey why hadnt i seen this earlier!!iv been searching all over the net for a solution.av just stumbled upon this today,after i got another solution just yesterday.hey if anyone still has problems,email me i show you wat to do.imagine my desktop was totally black!with popus evry time.and each time i start the comp im given a stupid message to activate!!i had to delete some files in system32.”slmgr.vbs”and “systemcpl.dll”.and change some stuff!!wheww!!

  172. Love you … Thanx

  173. Followed your Install instructions for HAL7600 and used winzip15.5 to open but had pop-up saying – unhandled exception has occurred. Could not find: C:windowssystem32slmgr.vbs. have I gone wrong somewhere? My copy of win7 ultimate is genuine as far as I am aware – black screen and not genuine comments getting really annoying.

  174. thnx man. it’s great works perfectly

  175. Thanks! Worked great! Stupid pop ups are gone! :D

  176. Fucking ACE !! best link ive ever used!!

  177. Michael Maardt

    no good. It worked OK, BUT my windows explorer stopped working !! so I reverted and now I am looking for another solution

  178. can i have a wooooop wooop
    thanks for this …worked a treat
    i love u lol lol

  179. I could not able to delete C:WindowsSystem32wgatray.exe. it shows access denied?

    Installed in Accident? How to resolve it?

  180. this tool is beeing detected as PUP by Avast.
    what to do? i am scared

  181. thanks a lot.it is a fantastic work.

  182. hey can you tell me how to fix it for windows xp? the program i had was from the store. It came on the pc. but I had it set for automatic updates and now for the past month its been telling me I dont have a genuine copy of windows. its taking up all the space on my pc and I have no idea how to fix it. Im not very smart at fixing pc problems. plz help. thank you so much.

  183. thanks

  184. Hi I was busy on my computer and suddently I received the messege that says Windows 7,Build 7601,This copy of windows is not genuine yet I’ve got 3 year with this computer.

    Please assist.



  185. thnk u very very very much bro it really works ……

  186. Thank you for the information.

    Jonesy – You solved my problem with Windows 7 64-bit.

    I turned off a bunch of services to make my machine run faster and ended up with the this message.

    I understand what MS is trying to do, but geez, I’m really annoyed. I paid a lot of money for their OS and Office, and then they do this to me. Why should I prove that I am a legit owner. I registered all my software, and never use pirated software. Let them prove that my copy is pirated; not the other way around.

  187. mine gives a trojan and so it gives a failed install D:

  188. Thanks man HAL7600 works perfectly.

  189. a bunch of thanx!!! it works!!! very invinsible!!!
    Great job!!!

  190. Thanks for this, it really helped me. I’ve been trying to find out how to fix this problem for hours now.

  191. I have the similar problem with Vista. But over that I am unable to connect to the internet as my Vodafone Internet Dongle is throwing all sorts of errors and I cant even re-install it. My vista is indeed genuine and I have the product key sticker pasted on my laptop as well. Any help appreciated !!

  192. awsome dude!It worked,This problem had fucking given lots of problem.Thanks!

  193. how i do window genuine?

  194. Thanks so much for this tool.


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My computer Toshiba satellite c 655 is formatted but windows is not genuine so what i can get windows genuine?

  196. Thanks bro!it works 100%!i swear to god! ^^

  197. thanks bro!

  198. thats it work on toshiba

  199. Funciono Ok….. working Ok…..Thanks

  200. HAL7600 was full of viruses and crashed my computer, even with BitDefender as an anti-virus. Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated.

  201. Dear sir/Madam
    i’m so frosted cause of my computer’s genuine problems in my windows 7 altimate, so what can solv that problems?

  202. the link you have given is not working.. please check that..thanks in advance..

  203. ok…sorry for that post..i got the rar file thanks..

  204. it works man……………….thanks hey try this its not fake……………

  205. I want to fix giniun in xp

  206. ossim work…………
    it worked fine

  207. Hal7600 Worked For Me Successfully. I’m On Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit :-) , Thanks For the Article

  208. works perfectly mate…. thnx for the ul…..

  209. Thanks!

    I’m going to give this a try (again). This annoyance reappeared on me last night!


    • You need to make sure to uninstall Windows Update KB971033. It disables any Win7 activation cracks and also “calls home” periodically to Microsoft servers to check up on your system. After uninstalling that particular update you’ll then need to go in to Windows update and tell it to not install that one and to hide it, otherwise it’ll just get re-installed the next time Windows decides to update itself.

  210. Thanks Kevin. I ran Hal and that fixed the problem.

    It’s important to note that you may need to change the permissions on the WAT file, WatAdminSvc.exe.

    I needed to give myself access, or essentially take ownership of the file, then give myself Full access to the file in the security settings in order to rename the file. (I put an underscore “_” in the name to keep it from running.

    Other than that little blip, the directions on the linked website work fine.

    Thanks again for your help.


  211. thanks a lot!!! it work a 100%!! thanks again..!

  212. Its all scam the program has a serious virus dont download it- be warned@!

    • No, they’re NOT viruses. Chew7, HAL7600, and ChewWGA will often show up as false positives with some virus scanners (ESPECIALLY Windows Defender – for obvious reasons), but they only do as advertised – work around the Windows 7 Activation Technologies.

  213. Thank you very much For HAL…. It worked and was Great!

  214. run gpedit.msc from run command
    under local computer policy & under computer configuration
    select administrative templates, then windows components
    then windows update then disable “configure automatic windows update”

    this will stop you from further receiving windows updates which eventually will discover your illegal copy again

  215. no it, didnt work mann wat shud i do either???????

  216. there is no other solution for it because this is not happening

  217. thanks a million i just installed windows 7 taken from a torrent and got the usal windows genuine bull and actually had no faith in this method to start with but i was wrong thanks again great method

  218. Hi thanks for your good help it is work and its perfect
    thanks alot I’m so happy :D

  219. Hi, I followed your instructions and it didnt work, still have the nag in the corner and the desktop turns black.

  220. windows loader worked like a charm, it didn’t fix it at first but I read the read me file included and it helped me fix it now my win 7 ulti is valid.

  221. its quite cool! i was able to solve the problem about software counterfeiting and windows validation sounds like that! thanks to the publisher, what a great help…..

  222. thank you friend it works like charm

  223. I’m not quite sure, but, I believe this just worked on my Windows 7 !!. That was nagging me for 8 months. And, after I downloaded the WindowsLoader, i’m not seeing any problems anymore. WOW.

  224. i uninstall that update but it still shows…..what cn i do plz plz plz plz anyone can help me …plz

  225. thank you for sharing this.. it’s totally works..

  226. Totally worked perfectly; quick and easy. Thanks man!

  227. It worked thank you very much for the guide ^__^

    Just do it step by step, and also you might wanna add after completing all the steps, validate it at (if the problem still persists)


  228. I followed all the steps (a couple of times actually) but it hasn’t seemed to have solved my problem. In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind this all that much if it didn’t keep resetting my background.

    I think my problem may lie with how I’m using Windows Loader. I’m not quite sure what I should put under Profile for SLIC, Certificate or Serial (I’m not actually sure what those even are, my computer knowledge is a little more than basic).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  229. Thank You Sooo Much! I’ve Had That Problem For Nearly Half A Month And When It Was Installing I Thought It Was A Virus But ,No I %10000 Recomend This To Everybody With The Problem! It Work’s ! Thank You Again!


  230. Thanks for your assistance. Like hot knife going through warm butter !

  231. This is truly unfortunate. In my area, this guy has been selling to the retirees and disabled on extremely limited incomes. We thought it was special – HA! it was special alright. Old Compaq pc’s but get to have Windows 7 and MS Office 2010. I was amazed because I knew them to be expensive. His explanation was the pcs belonged to him and were older ones he used for school and they had these programs, I think. Had something to do with school. :( There is no way we can even consider another expense related to this pc. It was a special gift for me from my hubby because I am very ill, disabled and in bed all the time. I am REALLY ill now. What a mean and selfish thing to do to people. Now I will have no computer and cannot have my photos or email to family or work on cool publisher things, gather info on OneNote, (sigh!). I was really having fun for the last two months anyway. Glad I don’t have his karma, you know?

  232. it really works . thank you very much

  233. This did not work for me(windows 7 x64 with WAT FIX and windows Loader) :-(

  234. Oh it works,actually these instructions are incomplete,after completing the above steps,you have to go revalidate your copy of windows online by going through the ‘official’ links when prompted after restart.There you will be asked to download a file which after running validates your copy of windows.Worked for me now.(Earlier it didn’t )

  235. My friend has the same problem with windows 98 and he just ignores this message…

  236. hi this is Kunal i hav got me that my windows is not geniune so what should i do for that plzzzz can any one give me right solution plzzz

  237. Also i just tried something out of the blue here and it worked as well. I hit start, then in the search section i typed windows 7. I clicked on Activate Windows 7 and a window popped up saying “ACTIVATION WAS SUCCESSFUL” and when I checked the little warning in the bottom right hand corner was gone

  238. What about on XP?

  239. I have a genuine copy of Windows and this kind of thing should not be happening. I am unable to rectify the
    problem and am fed up with Microsofts buggy software coming up with messages like this. Microsoft let this be a message to you! I am installing a crack to get rid of this problem and perhaps it would have been easier and cheaper for me to have got a cracked version of Windows in the first place instead of coughing up money for the real one, and then having to suffer these ridiculous messages!!!!

    Yes folks dont waste your money on buying genuine Microsoft software…it will still tell you its not genuine!!!!

  240. You are my hero. Thank you so much!! _O_

  241. Thank you so much..it’s work for me :D:D:D:D :)

  242. Thanks It’s Worked 100%….~(^.^~)~(^.^)~(~^.^)~

  243. thanx. it worked

  244. it worked! thanx

  245. If, after using these programs, you are still getting the annoying message – just go to the http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate

    Download the program for 1-2 minutes, go back to the link and click Continue. After this you are ready to go ;)

  246. i want fix this problem

  247. any body solve genuine fix problems

  248. my window 7 is not genuine… how i can fix this problem?

  249. It worked man… my windows is geniune cheers!!!

  250. help! I tried everything but I get this message ” Windows Error Recovery. Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.” And when I tried to recover it I always get an error message. please help.

  251. Was getting nasty “not genuine” Windows 7 Ultimate msg. Installed Watfix file, let it do it’s thing n was sucessful. Rebooted no problem, but still had nasty not genuine msg. Ran the Windows Loader file, then rebooted once again. Booted right up and NO nasty msg from Microsoft. Works great!! Thank You

  252. Can’t find KB971033 after I uninstalled it. First I uninstalled KB971003, then downloaded and run WAT and the same with Windows loader. Windows is not a geniue disapeared, but I can’t do last step with KB971033.

  253. I had the same problem which it started last night. It just came out of blue then did my research and found this website. Boy it sure works. Thanks……. I uninstall this KB971033. Hope it dont happen again. Window Loader sure works greatly. :):):):):)

  254. It didn’t work! :(

  255. Read the comments! It helps! And it worked! Yay!

  256. will it delete all the files if i install by windows loader?..please telme soon..

  257. hii…friend thanks a lot for helping me to make my windows 7 ultimate genuine…

  258. KUDOS to you sir, thank you very much for that miraculous tool….

  259. by the way please uninstall this carp also…”KB971033″. Just go to: Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and features -> Then select View Installed Updates in the left pain, then look for that KB971033 and uninstall it…GooD Luck

  260. This copy of Windows is not genuine message came up on a store bought version just installed on vmware mac . Is it really not genuine?

  261. works great thanks very much. It got removed of the macrosoft message after it downloaded the updates and I had not even activated it yet.

  262. It works greatly…

  263. Link to [wat fix] is not working plz help

  264. my window xp is not genuine… how i can fix this problem? how to download and fix it……..?

  265. WOW It Works…………… Now I Have Genuine windows 7 Ultimate( Downloaded from TORRENTZ.COM ) ;) ;) ;)

  266. Hi All,
    Just tried this, April 2012, did not work, I think MS have got cleaver regarding this fix.

  267. thanx man it really worked

  268. Hello Guys, I managed to download these activation cracks as per above, not working still i has received the same error message.

  269. Dear,
    I have some problem,my laptop is samsung & display is noteded widows is not geniune ? what is the reason ????????please reply meeeee

  270. OMG , it workZZZZZZZZ

  271. the annoying thing is that my windows is actually genuine and pop ups keep coming saying it isnt its starting to really piss me off i might have to end up re buying windows again tut

  272. My computer wont startup after using watfix.. please help!!


  274. Well … this method worked just fine for me. I’m a happy fellow!

  275. it doesn’t work, I don’t know why! i’m using windows 7
    and use windows loader version 2.1.3 not like as you used v2.0.8
    please help me…

  276. It works, cheers pal.

    Needed to read the readme after 2nd reboot, but it got it validated alright.

  277. This definitely worked! Thanks, that pop up was really annoying :)

  278. is it work with windows 7 ultimate

  279. Hijack this will not open in safe mode. Any ideas ?

  280. “MuTako
    January 31, 2012 at 7:29 pm”

    With this comment, i just fixed my brothers windows the day prior to his last examn. Now i feel LIKE A BAWS

  281. thanks mine jus did this awhile back an it fixed itself then i reformated the HD when i went reinstall from disc (which i installed 3 times an formated the drive each time ugh!!)it would say this version wasnt GEN. when i bought this rig it had w7 pro now it has premium ugh idk how to fix that but this did work better then nuttn i guess wish there was stars cause id rate it 5 does what it say jus follow the directions an you’ll be all guud an if you cant follow direction idk what ta tellyah

  282. nice but i wish iu have the site thank you

  283. This worked perfectly – thank you so much!

  284. It dint work for me..:-( . after installing windows loader it is showing status-notification instead of licensed. I am on the same track again…:-(

  285. This did not work for my laptop! I have tried several times over, and NOTHING works to get rid of the stupid “Windows is not geniune” crap on my computer! Guess I’ll just have to live with it! :(

  286. Thanks so much! It worked! :)

  287. Actually works! Easy to use. Thank you so much

  288. Easier way is to abolish the activation altogether.
    No bios loader, no desktop watermark, no nags when opening notepad, paint, word, control panel.
    Win 7 SP1 x64 works fine for me without it.
    No loader means no SPP service needed running constantly checking your bios loader slic cert to see if your genuine.

    Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Use RemoveWAT.
    Disable Software Protection Service.
    Take ownership of slui.exe and rename or delete it.
    Create a new text file in the same directory as your deleted/renamed slui.exe.
    Rename that new empty text file slui.exe.
    Done, no more MS Genuine watermarks and you can use notepad, control panel, word etc without the bs nag windows.

  289. at the bottom right hand corner of my SAMSUNG laptop screen i see a notification sayins this version of windows is not genuine. how do i correct it

  290. my windows loader says that its status is “Notification”
    how do i fix it?

  291. wch program to run in last??

  292. i got black screen and “windows not genuine…” after install of SP1. uninstalled it. voila. fixed


    I was doubtful at first but then I sucked it up, followed the instructions and it works! There is no nagging, no message in the corner and I am very grateful!

    (I used Windows 7)

  294. yes its very effective! but i wonder if it has as bad effect in our computer?

  295. Excellent artcile, you saved me a lot of time thank you worked perfectly 1st time

  296. My laptop suddenly became ultra slow (e.g., 10+ min to boot) and “Windows 7 build 7601 is not genuine” now appears on desktop. Windows 7 was factory installed by Asus/Best Buy three years ago. I’m concerned that my OS has recently been corrupted/hijacked and password security may be compromised. McAfee scan reported 1 trojan (automatically deleted??) but nothing else. I do not want to eliminate the nag if the problem is real. What to do? Thanks.

  297. Smashly–thnx for the info! It worked for me–no annoying msg in bottom of screen. youre amazing!

    I used: Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Use RemoveWAT.
    Disable Software Protection Service.

    but i couldnt:
    Take ownership of slui.exe and rename or delete it.
    Create a new text file in the same directory as your deleted/renamed slui.exe.
    Rename that new empty text file slui.exe.

  298. It works..!! Thanks a lot..

  299. Thanks Guys!

    Seriously, you guys saved my ass here.

    Any doubts. Ctrl + A + DELETE.

    Windows 7 user here.

  300. hi, thanks for the tip, worked gread, but it still won’t let me save any files to any disc… any suggestions?

  301. In response to smashy July 17– searched slui.exe, opened it, it said windows activation successful, then “not genuine” watermark disappeared from lower right corner of black desktop. Problem solved? So far so good…..

  302. This didn’t work for me still shows the message.. not sure what other things did this update do to my system…..

  303. Before opening slui.exe I uninstalled Windows update KB971033. Forgot to mention this in earlier post.

  304. there is no KB971033 in my windows update

  305. Thank you so much!!!

  306. Thanks a lot….
    now i have a genuine copy of windows!!

  307. hey i wanted to make sure that do i need to download windows loader after unistalling kb971033 key? as you mentioned bewlow :

    ‘Download and run Windows Loader. When it’s complete, reboot your system to make sure that it no longer pops up the non-genuine nag window and that your desktop doesn’t have the nag text at the bottom-right hand corner.

    Run Windows Update and hide KB971033 so that it doesn’t attempt to re-install itself in the future’

    btw cud u reply back soon as possible on here or email ? thanks

  308. Hey Smashly – worked great. Thanks! I was looking for a simple solution to get rid of this annoyance that Microsofot has created for its customers. Sweet

  309. Thanks so much for this information. This has been an annoying problem for some time. Appears fixed now.

  310. I’ll have to give this a shot. My 100% legit Windows 7 is giving me this bullcrap. Way to go Microshit!

  311. Smashly – well done worked great for me too, cheers

  312. umm.. I cant find the KB971033

    where is it?

  313. umm.. I cant find the KB971033

    where is it?


  314. Me too .. i was skeptical, then if it works it is much better than getting those stupid messages from windows.
    I initially used this patch to remove the watermark from the screen. (run cmd.exe as admin and type “slmgr -rearm”). This removed the watermark. Then i uninstalled the patch KB971033 as told in this site and restarted. It worked the activation window in the beginning of starting booting the computer is eliminated. thanks guys for this.

  315. Thanks alot. Works for me

  316. I have the same issue except no file called KB971033. Any suggestions?

  317. andy you dumbass. that’s what the whole fucking article is about.

  318. Does not work for me

  319. i have window7 professional .starting time says that window is not genuine what i do

  320. i also have windows 7 build 7601 not genuine in my screen but when i run windows loader it disappear..do i need to run remove wat even if the pop up message was already remove???

  321. when i run windows loader my windows has been activated and i cannot see the message “windows 7 not genuine” anymore looks like it is already fix

  322. you genius! :D
    im so glad i just got myself a copy of a genuine windows :P
    with the help of you, this wouldve never happened.
    thnx again!

  323. I have tried every step on here and it has not worked for me. Windows loader will tell me that “The certificate was’nt successfully installed” Also, I could not find 020 – Winlogon Nofity: Wgalogon in HijackThis. I am running an HP Pavilion Elite with Windows 7 Home Premium (x64). Any suggestions?

  324. gi mana sih cara nya ngilangin tanda copy windows is of genuine,,,,,,,,,mohon solusi nya

  325. it`s work!!thank u so much!!

  326. how to install windows 7 genuine

  327. Man, it works well, I just installed “window loader” it works. Did not need to do anything else. Took like 10 seconds. It appears that it is generating a new key. I rebooted, the not genuine message is gone. I check to see if I have that Windows Update KB971033. I don’t have it. Then I try to do a update, I see it automatically gets the update and unchecked KB971033 for me. Pretty cool. thank you so much

  328. can u send me the demo of genuine problem to my E-Mail id????

  329. Can WHO send you a copy?

  330. This didn’t work for me. Uninstalled the update, rebooted. Then used Windows Loader, rebooted…no change. Still got the nag screen, and ‘not genuine’ stain in the corner of my screen HELP PLEASE!!

  331. oh yes, thanx so much here, i really wanted to install Microsoft security Essential and it worked out perfectlt for me.

  332. Perfect!!! Thanks!!!!

  333. There’s another, very simple solution: Buy a legal of Windows.

  334. I booted into Safe Mode in XP Pro. At command prompt I cd’d to C:WindowsSystem32 >> I then tried to delete wgatray.exe “access denied” >> However it allowed me to ren (rename) (weird that it would let me rename but not delete).
    I renamed it xxxtray.exe. Rebooted. Pop-up gone. Not sure of possible Microsoft retaliation. Since I have the receipt for my purchased, licensed copy I look forward to Microsoft giving some of their money to me.
    It makes me want to start a drive to push MAC to number one – but I don’t know what nags and exploits they have given their owners. Doesn’t this fall under “monopolies” or “anti-trust” or just plain-ass cheating the consumer. It’s like an old-fashioned duel with only one person having a gun.

  335. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Is this the same as … Your copy of Windows could be counterfeit ???

  336. Awesome dude thank you, worked fine on win7

  337. my laptop of lenovo installing window 7 has i problem of not qenuine how do i fixed it? someone please help me,I will be very thanksful if someone please help me.

  338. Thank you!

  339. please help me,
    i’m having problem with my computer,windows 7 Build 7600, the copy of windows is not genuine. plese help me.

  340. The worst part of this is that MY COPY OF WINDOWS IS GENUINE! I’m using the OEM Key off the sticker on the bottom of my laptop… A laptop that I bought legit.

    I’m wondering if this happened because I set up a Deep Virus Scan before I went to bed last night and turned on PeerBlock 1.1 (which blocks connection to Microsoft) and that is the issue. If they’re doing this to me because I wanted to block access to my computer while asleep, I’m pissed.

  341. thank you so much dude….it really helps…

  342. I’m having the exact same problem with VISTA. But I’m not finding any help online. Any ideas? There is no update KB971033 listed under installed updates. I’ve rearmed, but that just buys me 30 days until it pops up again and doesn’t really solve the problem.

  343. thanks but this is not permanent solution

  344. that watfix led me into alot of suspicious garbage and installed an aol tool bar etc. the programs it wanted to download have different names. I dont remember them but they had zip and quick in them. Ill try again later. I did delete kb971033 tho with no results.

  345. @ Smashly. I cannot delete or rename slui.exe. Windows 7 says I do not have “permission”. I just now installed windows and am the only user (so I should be the administrator right?) Solution?

  346. Edit to my previous comment… I can now have file permissions after running this program http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/26994-WAT-Fix-Fix-your-activation-problems

  347. Thanks a lot…

    Uninstall KB971033 update.
    Download and run WAT Fix.
    Download and run Windows Loader.
    Restart….and presto “This copy of Windows is not Genuine” is gone.

    It works!

  348. it worked!!! all hail you!!!!!!!!!!

  349. hey thank you so much

  350. i have the black screen where it wont let me put a wallpaper up or anything. i dont have KB971033 or any of that. IM SO CONFUSED :(

  351. ran the wat, still seen the notice, the ran the loader file…voila, no more nag. :-)

  352. rats…..I spoke too soon! today the nag is back…..

    I suppose I can run both again

  353. It worked. Thanks so much!

  354. What happens if I don’t do anything? Will my computer stop working at some point?
    I don’t know why after having this version of Windows 7 for 2 years it suddenly has popped up with this message. :(

  355. thank q for ur suggestions iam trying as ur suggestions….

  356. search for the new WAT226 and it removes it just fine. 8 stops any installs without keys for those who are monkeying around..FWIW

  357. Daz you are the bomb! I’ve been searching for a fix from Microsoft and all they want to so is sell you a new activation code. I paid for Windows when I bought my laptop I certainly do not want to be charged twice! Thank you for your awesome help.

  358. Hi all, I have had the windows is not genuine appear on the buttom of my screen. To complicate things awhile back I accidently downloaded what appeared to be windows 10. Now when I open up i get this picture program called Opt.I cleaned it out of my programs but still opens when I turn on my computer.I have Nortons 360 on Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated. Have I been hacked? Should I notify my service provider?

  359. Alternatively, you can run the command prompt as an administrator, then type: “slmgr -rearm” (without the quotes) then you simply reboot, and presto!

  360. I tried everything from removing slui.exe to editing the registry. Your fix was the only one that worked.


  361. A very simple way that worked for me is:
    Control Panel –> System Security –> Windows Updates.
    Then do a search for KB971033, if found simple delete it. Reboot. Done.

  362. I just recieved a new computer in february it was windows2008 now he has changed the program to window7 which is not genuine

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