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The Main New Features of Android Oreo 8.0

As the eclipse happened over America, Google unveiled the latest addition to their Android software, Image result for android oreoAndroid Oreo 8.0. Already on the Pixel and with other smartphone companies eager to get the new software onto their current flagship smartphones, Android Oreo is a good incremental upgrade to Marshmallow. Although the changes that Google have introduced are not as radical as some of the previous yearly upgrades to the Android software, the changes that have been made are definite improvements that could even put Android 1 up against Apple and iOS. Here are the main new features of Android Oreo.



Picture-in-Picture Mode

Multi-tasking is becoming a more useful feature ever since the RAM and screen size of smartphones have increased to make it possible. With Android Oreo, if you are watching a video, say in Chrome, and press the home button, the video would turn into a little video for which you can move anywhere on your screen and still do other activities (think of it as multitasking with a video playing, kind of what is possible with the YouTube app).



Faster Boot Time

Google claims the time it will take for smartphones to boot will have decreased by 50%. This is a huge claim which is seemingly backed up by Pixel smartphones running Android 8.0, which now boot in a matter or 13-18 seconds.

As well as this, the general speed of the phone should increase, with Android Oreo bringing better background app management.



Auto-fill App Logins

A lot of apps automatically sign you in when you open the app. Some apps that require forms to fill in do not allow this. However, Android Oreo comes with auto-fill for app logins. By scanning your fingerprint, the app will automatically be filled with the necessary information to log you in.



AI comes to Copy/Paste

Artificial intelligence has come to the copy and paste functionality in Android Oreo. Depending on what you are highlighting to copy or cut, Android will automatically determine what you are copying and show you another option, alongside the cut/copy functionality:

  • If it is a phone number, you will have the option to save the number as a contact.
  • If it is an address, you will have the option to show the address on Google Maps.

Of course, there are other apps Google will show for certain content that is highlighted. For most, though, the above two will be the most used and useful.



Turn on Wifi Automatically

Instead of having your Wifi on continuously, using up valuable battery, Android Oreo will sense when you are near an area with high quality saved Wifi networks, such as when you are at home or at work. When this happens, the software will automatically turn back on your Wifi and connect to the network.



These are some of the main features that are coming with Android Oreo, although there are still dozens and dozens of other tweaks and perks Android Oreo will bring with the update on Marshmallow.

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