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iPhone 8 Review – Incremental Upgrade?

Apple released three new smartphones this year in preparation for the holiday period, being the iPhone Image result for iphone 88, 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Forgetting about the price difference, it is clear that the flagship smartphone from Apple is the iPhone X, with a very radical new look to the iPhone. However, this does not mean the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus are bad phones at all. In fact, Apple will probably sell more ‘8’s than ‘X’s in all honestly. But, is it worth an upgrade and how good is the iPhone 8? Here are the main talking points to the iPhone 8.


Wireless Charging

The iPhone 8 is the first iPhone ever to come equipped with the ability for wireless charging. For this to take place, the rear end of the smartphone has changed from aluminum to glass to allow such inductive charging.

Although wireless charging has been around for quite a while, it is a welcome addition to see it finally come to the iPhone. What we can expect is for it to done very well by Apple, with the AirPower working well to charge it wirelessly.



Lag Free Experience

Apple has been known for years of a lag free experience. However, over time, some minor ‘laggy’ moments do occur, especially with upgrades to the operating system. Be this as this may, the iPhone 8 has had huge improvements to the internals of it and the experience is truly amazing – I would not be surprised if this phone does not ever lag.



64GB Starting Internal Storage

When the iPhone 7 was first released, it came with 32GB of storage at the lower bracket. For many people, this simply was not enough, especially with the smartphone capable of capturing slow motion video as well as 4K. There was no way people could get away from having apps, music and pictures on their phone with 32GB.

With this, Apple have doubled the lowest storage to 64GB, which is a welcome addition, in line with what other companies have as starting storage for their smartphones.



Poor Design

As much as this phone is similar to predecessors and many will like the design, it is not in-keeping with 2017 and the likes of the Samsung S8, LG G6 and Google Pixel 2 XL. In fact, it is an extremely boring design that should really be in its last ever year.



No Headphone Jack

Although Apple are trying to push technological trends, the removal of the headphone jack, for many consumers, is still just a bit too soon for their liking. There are million of people that use the headphone jack daily and not having that is a huge negative towards buying a phone. Yes, there is the connector that will allow you to plug headphones into the iPhone. However, do you really want to have to carry this around where ever you go?



Overall, the iPhone 8 is a great phone, but not ground breaking by any means. For loyal Apple fans, they will welcome such an incremental upgrade.

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