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How to Use Instagram Effectively Like a Pro

Instagram is an extremely effective social media platform that many businesses are simply not taking Image result for instagramadvantage of. It is still growing rapidly and is the only social media platform dependent and dictated on image posts – remember that images can often portray a thousand words – it is sometimes the best way to market something too. For this reason, you should always look to use Instagram, be it for personal or business reasons.

With this, here are some tips to help you post on Instagram like a pro, and make the most out of the social media platform.



Make Sure You Have Post Variation

An important part to gaining exposure through Instagram is making sure your account has interesting content. You could post the same type of content over and over again. However, for many people, having content variation is key for them to want to follow you, since it makes them curious as to what you are going to post next.

If you cannot vary your content enough, then the minimum you can do is vary the effects and filters on each of the images/videos. This will still provide a certain level of variation that Instagram users will appreciate.



Refer to Link in Bio

A problem with Instagram is that the platform does not allow you to place links in individual posts. This is quite annoying for those trying to market something, which needs to point to a URL landing page. However, there is a slight alternative to get around this. The only place Instagram allow a link on the platform is in the bio. Therefore, by placing the link in the bio, it is possible to then say something such as ‘see link in bio’ to push people to clicking on the link by visiting your profile. It is not ideal, but it is the best of a bad situation.



Use Hashtags

Just like the use of hashtags on Twitter, using hashtags with your Instagram posts immediately makes the exposure level of your post increase: especially if you use popular hashtags.

As a general rule of thumb, use 2-5 hashtags per post, sticking them at the end of the description for the post. This is because, for long descriptions, Instagram cuts the content with a ‘Read more’ button. It is more important that your Instagram audience reads the content first before any hashtags.



Engage With Your Instagram Followers

Building relationship on social media is absolute key. For this reason, dedicate some time to those that follow you (as well as those that do not to attract new follows) to liking the posts you like on their profile, to even commenting on some of them. From doing this, you will be building relationships that should be long lasting, whilst increasing the number of follows to those that follow back to you giving them attention on Instagram.

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