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How to Hire Freelancers for Blogging

If you want to create and run a successful website, you will need to hire freelancers. All of the best andImage result for hire freelance biggest websites out there have a dedicated team that contribute to creating content. What more, your time is of the essence. There will be a time when you will struggle to to post the same amount of content that you did when you first started blogging, which is natural. You have to run the whole website and your time will be dedicated elsewhere. For this reason, getting other people to help with the content creation is something that will naturally happen as your website/s get more successful.

However, how do you go about hiring a freelancer? Here are some tips to help you so you can employ the best person for the job.



#1 Post to the Biggest Freelancing Job Boards

The first way to gain the best freelancers to blog on your website is to make sure your vacancy is promoted accordingly. You cannot just post on your website expecting people to find your freelance vacancy. You will need to make sure your vacancy is promoted on the biggest freelancing job boards, since this is where the vast majority of freelancers look to gain work from. This includes the likes of:

  • Problogger Jobs
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork



#2 Review Experience vs Cost

When you start to receive applicants for the freelance job you posted, you will get a wide range of freelancers wanting the job. In general, the more experience the freelance has, the higher the cost will be. Some freelancers will be worth the extra cost as they may bring very useful experience and skills to the job. However, be warned that you should not be paying for experience that is not relevant to the website. For example, a car blogger having experiencing with cars does not mean he or she can charge more to blog on a garden blog.

It is also important to negotiate on price once you find the right freelancer. Never ever accept the first figure a freelancer tells you is his or her hourly rate, or cost/1,000 words etc.



#3 Develop a Relationship with Your Freelancer/s

As much as it is easy to gain freelancers online, you should look at the freelancers you have employed as long term investments. This is because, over time, the freelancers will understand the job roles better, produce better content more relevant to the blog/website (since they will slowly understand over time how to best blog for you). No matter who you employ, there is going to be a time when you have to train them how to use your website, how to post content, what format to blog in and more. All of this can be eradicated by maintaining your current workforce. For this reason, always look to develop good relationships with your freelancers, be it by friendly emails, a thank you after paying them or by increasing their rate inline with inflation – every little touch makes them want to stay blogging for you for longer.

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